How Do People Handle ….?


Screen Shot 2015-05-24 at 11.10.54 PMMemorial Day is a time to stop and honor those who paid the ultimate sacrifice for our freedom.  It should be a time when we celebrate their lives.  I keep going back to how the loved ones of those who paid the ultimate sacrifice in Iraq and Afghanistan must feel.  Not only are the principles for which they died being slaughtered, but now, it is politically expedient to trash the very nature of their sacrifice, the very nature of that war.  We are now told that the war in Iraq was wrong.  I know I should not be waxing political about Memorial Day, but I am a political animal.  I keep going back to one simple question. Is the politically correct denigration of the war in Iraq because it is so popular to hate George W. Bush, or must we denigrate what he did to find a way to ignore the fact that Barack Obama is responsible not only for ISIS, but the disaster in Iraq?

I can’t help but think that the world must now damn George W. Bush as a liar, while they wallow around in one conspiracy theory after another.  When he left office, Iraq was stable.  The situation where ISIS has basically conquered half the Middle East occurred, not during the presidency of GWB, but because of Obama’s incomprehensible foreign policy disasters of his second term.

The primary reason I voted for Obama in 2012 was due to the fact that, from 2009 until the election, his term was basically an extension of GWB’s foreign policy.  Then, during his second term, everything has changed.  Maybe it is due to the incompetence and venial duplicity of John Kerry, but I’m beginning to question Obama’s grasp of reality.

Is it possible the sole reason ISIS is now so powerful is because Barack Obama dislikes Vladimir Putin so much that he absolutely refused to cooperate with him in Syria, several years ago, when ISIS could have been stopped in its tracks.  There are some conspiracy theories which now state Obama allowed the growth of ISIS.  When one considers their origin, I have a real problem with it, primarily because it comes from the far right. The only reason I mention is is because I’m seeing similar things coming out of the far left.

Nature abhors a vacuum.  George W. Bush did not unilaterally withdraw from Iraq, Barack Obama did.  No one wants to bother mentioning that Saddam Hussein was one of the major sponsors of terrorism.  For a time, after his ouster, terrorism throughout the region came almost to a halt. Then Iran began agitating in Iraq.  The insanity we see today began, now under the watch of George W. Bush, but under the abject incompetent weakness of Barack Obama.  The worst of it, when Hillary Clinton was Secretary of State, we were not seeing the terrorist attacks we see today.  The far right and far left want to demonize Hillary for not being strong, but she was far superior at her job than is John Kerry.

There are any number of conspiracy theories to explain what is going on, today, in Iraq.  Unfortunately, I would love to adopt a few.  The real problem is even worse.  In order to grasp what is going on, we must be forced to admit that it is entirely possible the entire Middle East is on fire, simply because Barack Obama can’t tolerate Vladimir Putin.  Like I’ve said before, I voted for the man.  I like him, but something is very, very wrong.  Either the world is upside down, or as Elizabeth Warren recently said, Barack Obama is a liar.  If so, we’ve all been duped.  Is it possible we are simply seeing the results of a pathological dislike and pettiness against another world leader?  Or, are we dealing with an Administration incapable of dealing with political enemies, and out of control neocons?

We have a mess.  All the while, in order to legitimize our mess, the general consensus is to demonize George W. Bush and what he did in office.  Frankly, I happen to think history, when it is finally written, will be far kinder to GWB that Barack Obama.  The unfortunate part of this is that while GWB is being demonized, the sacrifices of those who paid the ultimate price for freedom are also being denigrated.

If this had been our policy in the 1940s we would all now be speaking German and saluting the Third Reich.  Oh, wait, the Obama Administration has aligned itself with the neo-Nazi crowd in the Ukraine.  So much for honoring our war dead.   Unfortunately, before this mess is over, there is going to be a hell of a lot more US and British war dead.   If this is the case, we’re going to need someone who has the courage to lead this nation.  It certainly isn’t Barack Obama.  Let’s be honest here, Lindsey Graham is the only logical choice.