The New Sins of Thought Crime


Esau Jardon moved to Canada so that he and his family could be free.  He made the mistake of allowing his personal views to be expressed in his own, private business.  When he did, he insulted a lesbian couple.  It does not matter that he treated them.  It doesn’t matter that he was polite. He was polite enough for them to recommend him to another friend, who saw the sign about the sanctity of marriage.  She was insulted.  She told her friends, who were insulted. They were so insulted that they told their friends, who have begun an effort to destroy the man and his business.  Never mind that he upheld his end of a legally binding contract.  What mattered is that he dared to express his opinion.

He has been threatened.  He has been bullied to the point where he is giving he women a refund, just to get them to leave him alone.


Why does the LGBT community have their rights, but Jardon does not?  Isn’t something terribly wrong here?  The offended parties even said he provided excellent service, which is why they patronized him in the first place.  But, because he expressed via a sign, a view that was different from theirs, he must be destroyed.  His business must be destroyed.  He insulted them.

Boo Hoo Hoo….

Granted, Canada  has more extreme hate laws than we do, but still, the man does have rights, or do only certain individuals and certain ‘communities’ have rights, while the remainder of us do not?  I think  it’s a good question.

We have a liberal problem here, and is the main reason I’ll never consider myself a liberal.  It’s also the reason I’m so uncomfortable around them.  They have no sense of humor.  They demand full obedience to specific ideologies.  They are bullies when you don’t think the way they want you to think.  Also, they are starting to become thought police.

Conservatives don’t get a pass, either.  They do, though, have a sense of humor.  They take themselves far too seriously.  If you disagree with certain important issues like abortion, you are dumped, immediately.

Neither group allows deviation outside the box.  I’m not liberal and I’m not conservative.  I consider myself moderate.  Forget being that.  Forget having a thought of my own.  It just isn’t accepted.

Try telling a liberal minority person who hates white people that he/she is a bigot.  Boy do they get pissed.  Explain that, if a white person were to write such nasty things about blacks, we’d be castigated as pure evil.  That doesn’t go over well, either.  There is a new generation of atheist who will do anything to damn Christians.  They’re nasty.   And, if you dare point out, to a liberal, the hypocrisy of their position, you are chopped liver.

I had the stupid misfortune of doing that, last week.  I was accused of being a supporter of pedophilia and anti-LGBT.  When I demanded a retraction, I was treated like dirt.  I lost a writing gig over it.  Sorry, but I say what I think.  I said that there are factions within the Gothard community who will think it is okay for Josh Duggar to be a child molester, but not gay.  It’s true.   I don’t mind stating that I resent the way I was treated.  It made me angry.  What made me angrier was to have people who don’t know me, state that I am a supporter of pedophilia.  That’s the kind of thing you force retractions.  None has been forth coming.

People are no longer allowed to have thoughts that might deviate from the thought police.  We are losing freedom at a rapid rate, because of this.  What happened in Canada a couple weeks ago is just the beginning.  And – if you’re a Christian, forget it.  We’re now the  hated party.  Christians are evil.