A Funny Thing Happens When You Cut Back on the Political Hate


Screen Shot 2015-05-14 at 12.31.01 AMWhen Barack Obama was first elected POTUS, I was devastated.  I fell for all the hate aimed at the man, not because of his race, but because of his political leanings.  This went on for about three months, then I realized I was sick and tired of disliking him, as a person.  So, I decided I was not going to denigrate him.  I would oppose him on policy but not as a person.  A funny thing happened on the way to rational thought.  I decided I liked him, I actually liked him.  I realized I liked him so much, I could vote for him, which I did.  Sure, I’m pissed with him over his foreign policy, but as a person, I think he’s great.  Let’s be honest here, if Lindsey does not get the nomination, and pick one from column A were running against Obama, again, I’d vote for him.

I quit falling for the hate.  The other evening, on Twitter, I made the statement that I was supporting Lindsey.  If people did not like it, unfollow me.  Well, I’m getting a lot of unfollows.  Then, a few haters came out of the woodwork.  I don’t like haters.  Oppose on policy, not personality.  When you hate someone, you do something to your thought process, literally closing your mind, but when you stop hating, and allow rational discourse to infect that process, strange things begin to happen.  You realize the other person isn’t all that bad.  You might even like them.

I intensely dislike watching Lindsey being treated so badly.  It hurts.  He’s my friend.  I wish people knew the kind of person he was, but all they can do is hate.  You try to tell them he’s a good person and you’re accused of being a liar.  I don’t want to be around those people nor associated with them.  When someone decides to turn on you because you are supporting a certain political candidate, sorry, but that’s their fault for being so narrow-minded and full of absolute hate.

Didn’t Yoda say something about hate leading to the Dark Side of the Force?  I think we’ve already passed go in this country.  I think the primary reason people don’t want to stop hating is that they might see something good in the other person, then they’re required to admit they are wrong.  I did.  It is a liberating feeling.  You don’t know how good it is to dump the baggage of political hate.  Try it. The problem, once you cut back on the hate, is that you become terribly annoyed with the haters.

I am going to attempt to behave myself and not give in to the wonderful temptation of political name-calling, and so forth and so on.  I reserve the right to call someone an idiot.  I also reserve the right to say snarky things about Mitt Romney.  Other than that, I will attempt to attack only with facts. I did not say I would succeed, but am going to try.


2 thoughts on “A Funny Thing Happens When You Cut Back on the Political Hate

  1. I know very little about Mr. Lindsey, other than the few public-policy things that are common-knowledge. If you know the man, what makes you feel he would be a good choice? What about his priorities do you support?

    (The best antidote to hate, in my experience is knowledge. Share yours?)

  2. I agree with you. Knowledge is power. My support of Lindsey is based on having known him for about 22 years. I know the character of the man, which is a big deal. His back-story is heart-wrenching. The man started his adult life paying off several hundred thousand in his parents’ medical bills, helping to raise a much younger sister, at the same time going to college & law school, along with Air Force Reserves. At one time he was the AF’s chief prosecutor in Europe. He’s a good man. He is a man of honor. One salient point is that he helped sponsor the Interstate Stalking Law, based on the problems I was having. He is one of the reasons we have it. He may be the most ‘moderate’ of all Republicans running. He knows what it is like to lose everything and rebuild his life. There was no silver spoon, not even a stainless steel one, more like plastic cutlery. He is entirely self-made. His former (retired) law partner was a very close, personal friend with my parents (as in emergency guardians for my sister and I). He’s pig-headed, stubborn, and a pit-bull who will stick to something, no matter what the personal fallout.

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