Pedophiles & Child Molesters 101


Screen Shot 2015-05-28 at 2.26.32 PM“…Consequently, children who initiate or solicit overtly sexual acts with other children most often have been sexually victimized by an adult beforehand, or by another child who was in turn abused by an adult. More than half have been victimized by two or more perpetrators. In some instances, the perpetrating child was exposed to pornography or repeatedly witnessed sexual activity of adults at a very young age, and this can also be considered a form of child sexual abuse….”

According to the rules about child sexual abuse, Josh Duggar was STILL considered a child when he allegedly abused his sisters and another girl.  He had just turned 13.  That’s extremely important when dealing with the actual story.  There should have been an intervention, and the children should have been put into intensive therapy.  They should, and if Jim Bob had not been so politically well connected, would have been put into foster care.  Foster care can be just as bad as the abusive situation.

Unfortunately, even in this day and age, we don’t know enough about the topic of pedophiles and child molesters.  And now, I don’t do those stupid alerts telling someone they might find this uncomfortable.  Grow up and face life.  If you are like me, and have lost a goodly portion of your life having had to deal with the remains of your life, after having been molested by a very big time pedophile, then the best thing is not a stupid trigger alert, but to face the harsh reality of life, and start the desensitization process.   Knowledge is power.  Much as been written about the Duggar Disaster, but quite a bit of it is bunk.  It is being written from a position of not knowing the subject matter.  I detest the fact that I do.  I’ve written enough about it, over the years, to nearly have enough to fill a book, which I am writing on the subject.

First, laws differ state by state.  What might be statutory rape in one state, is fully legal in another. One state may put the age of accountability as a molester at one age, while another state does something different.  Listening to the discussions on the news, about Josh Duggar, one thing that constantly shocks me is the abject ignorance on the subject, even by people who are alleged to know something about it.

Screen Shot 2015-05-28 at 2.26.45 PM“…The word pedophile is commonly applied indiscriminately to anyone who sexually abuses a child, but child sexual offenders are not pedophiles unless they have a strong sexual interest in prepubescent children.Under the law, child sexual abuse is an umbrella term describing criminal and civil offenses in which an adult engages in sexual activity with a minor or exploits a minor for the purpose of sexual gratification. The American Psychiatric Association states that “children cannot consent to sexual activity with adults”, and condemns any such action by an adult: “An adult who engages in sexual activity with a child is performing a criminal and immoral act which never can be considered normal or socially acceptable behavior.”…”

I come from a generation where 1 in 10 will have been sexually abused or molested by the age of 18.  For the generation after mine, the instance is 1 in 5.  That’s something like 20% of the population. The numbers are staggering.  The effects on society are also just as dramatic, traumatic, and staggering. Sexual abuse leads to addictions, personal problems, psychological disorders, allegedly brain damage, inter-personal problems, the ability to form attachments, and as was in my case, PTSD.  When you get 20% of the population literally being walking wounded, it suddenly becomes even more of a societal problem.

Even worse, a study was done of 50 serial killers:

  • Some type of maltreatment, re- gardless of abuse type (68%)
  • Physical abuse (36%)
  • Sexual abuse (26%)
  • Psychological abuse (50%) Neglect (18%)
  • No abuse (32%)
Rhymes with Religion
Rhymes with Religion

What Josh Duggar did is classified as child on child sexual abuse:

“…Child-on-child sexual abuse is a form of child sexual abuse in which a prepubescent child is sexually abused by one or more other children or adolescent youths, and in which no adult is directly involved. The term has been defined as sexual activity between children that occurs “without consent, without equality, or as a result of coercion”. This includes when one of the children uses physical force, threats, trickery or emotional manipulation to elicit cooperation. Child-on-child sexual abuse is further differentiated from normative sexual play or anatomical curiosity and exploration (e.g. “playing doctor”) because child-on-child sexual abuse is an overt and deliberate action directed at sexual stimulation, including orgasm.  In many instances, the initiator exploits the other child’s naïveté, and the victim is unaware of the nature of what is happening to them. When sexual abuse is perpetrated by one sibling upon another, it is known as “intersibling abuse”….”

The other day, on Dr. Drew there was a discussion about Josh Duggar’s victims.  How, even now they needed to be ‘assessed’ to see how damaged they are.  That is cruel, vicious, and displays nothing but abject ignorance and lack of empathy for the victim.  A victim doesn’t need an assessment to see how much damage has been done.  Does someone lose their ability to think and feel because they’ve been molested?  That’s what it sounds like. Trust me, we know the damage.

“…The reliability of the notion that pedophilia is caused by sexual abuse in childhood was explored by examining retrospective self-reports of 344 males. Included in the study were 77 heterosexual pedophiles, 54 homosexual pedophiles, 51 nonpedophilic sex offenders against children, 36 sex offenders against physically mature females, 75 heterosexual paid volunteers who erotically preferred mature females, and 51 homosexual clients who preferred mature males.

For each sex offender the differential diagnosis of an erotic preference for minors vs. a preference for physically mature partners was made by means of the phallometric test of erotic gender and age preferences.

The analysis of self-reports confirmed that the proportion of pedophiles who report having been sexually abused in childhood by mature persons is larger than that of men who were not charged for or accused of a sex offense against a child though the difference is relatively small (28.6 vs. 13.9 and 10.7% for the heterosexual pedophiles and the two groups of gynephiles, respectively, and 25.9 vs. 11.8% for the homosexual pedophiles and androphiles, respectively).

Further analysis demonstrated, however, that pedophiles who admitted having an erotic interest in children significantly more often claimed that they had been sexually abused as children than pedophiles who did not admit having such feelings. This interdependence renders the reliability of these self-reports questionable…”

What we are dealing with, with Josh Duggar was juvenile sexual abuse/crimes.  Juveniles, under the age of 18, commit upward of 30-60% of all child sexual abuse.  Youth under the age of 18 commit something like 16.7% of forced rape and 20.61% of other sexual crimes.  Unfortunately,  a child’s race, and the parents’ status in the community will quite often determine if they will be incarcerated or punished.  A black youth is far more likely to be arrested for what Josh Duggar did than someone in the Duggar’s position.  Depending on the state, a child as young as 13, even younger, can be arrested and incarcerated for sexual assault.

One of the ways a child is protected is via good parenting.  Parents need to be actively involved with their children and protecting them.  When parents reach the stage where they are hoarding children, the way the Duggars do, they can’t properly parent.