Digging Duggar Dirt


Screen Shot 2015-04-28 at 4.29.24 PMNo, I did not watch the FOX interview on Wednesday night.  I don’t watch FOX.  I saw the clips, and was disgusted.  My heart goes out for the young women of the family.  They are dealing with two parents who are the most self-centered individuals I’ve seen in ages.  It is all about them.  They felt like failures as parents and couldn’t keep their story straight.  I heard one psychologist state an opinion that anyone who has that many children is not doing it out of love, but for themselves.  They even said their daughters did not know about being molested.  Okay…

I’m not going to get into the personalities or the fact that it is foolish to blame this on their religion, and it is foolish not to blame it on the cult in which they are members. I would be shocked about the horrific tale if it were not one that has been repeated, repeatedly.  There is a tragic vein of child abuse that threads its way throughout the entire patriarchy cult.

Even worse, the cult of patriarchy is not about Christianity.  It isn’t about Christ, or religion.  It is about a group of men who have discovered a way to amass power over a group of willing dupes, and the dupes who allow it.  One way of holding on to power is to brainwash their contractual members (and they must sign a contract) is to tell them that certain crimes must be handled in-house.  After all, they are anointed by God.  They speak for God.  God wants them to deal with abuse, pedophilia, family violence, and not embarrass God.

I can understand a parent not telling a child of the molestation.  Upon the advice of the family pediatrician and attorney, my parents were told if I did not remember what had happened to me in the third grade, not to say anything.  They were to let nature take its course.  It took 25 years for me to finally face what had happen to me.  When I did, it nearly destroyed me, then it made me strong.  Unlike many who were facing the same thing, I immediately began telling the whole world about it.  It is something that needs to be exposed.  I am absolutely positive the only way you recover is to let the whole world know what happened.  You face the demons and fight them, literally for your very sanity.

Watching two of the Duggar daughters made me almost physically ill.  I don’t know which is worse, them hiding the truth, or the media exposing it.  They were minors.  They had and still have an expectation of their identity being protected.  But – because they are Duggars, the whole world had advertised what happened to them. As rape victims they have the right to their privacy.   As Duggars, they have no rights.

I do find it rather disgusting.  The liberal, anti-Christian media does its best to protect the identity of rape victims on college campuses, even if they know their identity. Yet, these girls are offered none of these same protections.  Instead, we have a reporter and a publication that couldn’t wait for the expose.  I don’t blame them.  It is a disgusting and repulsive story.  Without the information that Josh Duggar molested his young sisters, the story is still vile and disgusting, but it is not as newsworthy.

This is the brave new world of five young women who were the victims of a crime.  They are going to need to live with it, and adjust to their new lives.  Unfortunately, having been raised in Bill Gothard’s ATI, they must shoulder most of the blame.  After all they are the victims.  It is their responsibility to forgive their abuser.  They must also examine their behavior to see if they might have brought some of this unwanted attention on themselves.  Yes – that’s the world of Bill Gothard and patriarchy.  Women are always guilty.

Unless they are able to break away from their family, and literally run away, to find themselves, I am not sanguine about their long-term happiness or recovery.  Josh will cry, tell the world that he has sinned, repent, and become a poster child for repentance. His sister’s lives will be hell.  One can only hope his parents experience a little bit of hell on earth, themselves.

For ages I’ve been saying that there were problems within this family.  They were being held up as perfection.  When families pretend they way they have been doing, you can bet they’re not.  The family unit will begin to splinter, which it should.  I’m expecting a few divorces out of this.  There are also rumors that one of the boys is having the gay worked out of him.  I truly hope not, but I think we can expect the parents to live down to the lowest expectations of the world.  They’re no different than numerous people within their cult.

This isn’t about Christ, it’s all about money and the all-mighty dollar.  I am not sure what I would have done, had I been given the story.  I probably would have run with it.  As much as the girls deserve the same privacy rights as other victims, ultimately, it wasn’t the media who destroyed those rights, it was their parents.  Had they done what was right, and turned their son into the authorities, because everyone involved was underage, the records would have been sealed.