PART I: The New Censorship


SCAN3082UPDATE:  I wrote this on Monday

Part I of III:

This is what a 6-year-old little girl looks like six months after witnessing the brutal and savage massacre of her father, baby brother, big brother, grandmother, and saw her mother being scalped.  He baby brother was stabbed with a spear and slammed into a tree.  Her big brother was scalped, his hands removed.  Her grandmother was scalped, and her tongue cut off – while she was still alive.  Then they removed her heart.  Her left hand was cut off as was that of her father who was also scalped and mutilated.  Her mother survived being scalped and died, two weeks later, from a fever.  I have copies of the story, depositions, and a the original letter from one of the members of the rescue posse.

According to the modern version of the tale, they were murdered by Little Crow because they refused to feed he and his people.  That’s the modern version.  The family version tells a different story.  Alma’s young aunt could never figure out why Little Crow did what he did.  They were one of the few families who always treated he and his family decently, feeding them, when approached for food.  Of course, there are also modern writers who think the charges against Little Crow were fabricated, and he and his marauding men did nothing to warrant being hung.  They say the tales of butchery are nothing but fabrications and lies.  Alma Dustin Perkins was 6-years-old at the time.  They had been taught, if something were to happen, to hide under the hoop skirts of their grandmother.  She and her brother, Tim, did just that.  When their mother, who had been scalped, approached them, they ran away from her in horror.

But – the story is now censored.  I’ve been trying for 20 years to get a publication to publish the information I have.  They all refuse.  The material I have is too inflammatory, and is not in keeping with the current politically correct view that the white settlers were brutal monsters and the First Nation’s people innocent bystanders.

Certain prosecutors in the state of Montana want to criminalize speech that might make others uncomfortable. There are some who think that the term “Youz Guys” is sexist and should be eliminated from our daily speech.  If that were the only problem we were facing, it would be laughable.  Unfortunately, it’s much worse.  Throughout the nation, statues, memorials, plaques honoring individuals who are deemed politically incorrect and socially unacceptable are being removed.

About a month ago a bronze statue of Fr. Pierre-Jean De Smet, which had been removed from where it had been for over 60 years, because it was offensive.  Never mind that he was considered a true friend of the native peoples, the statue “…”…depicts a history of colonialism, imperialism, racism and of Christian and white supremacy.”..”  In short, Christianity is now offensive and must be censored.  That’s how I read it.  I gather anything which is representative of white, Christian, and European history is to be censored and removed from public view.  The worst part of all of this is it gives the white supremacist branch of ‘Christianity’ a voice and a cause celeb.  The statue had been placed in the Jesuit collection of the art museum.

Pope Francis is canonizing Junipero Serra.  Naturally the left doesn’t approve of that move, either.  He will be America’s first Latino saint.  That’s a big deal, if he weren’t white, European, and Christian.  Because he was white, European and Christian he must be a monster – right?

Throughout the South, memorials and statues to Confederate soldiers and leaders are being removed and destroyed.   If we erase history, then the stupid fools who don’t know the history they have erased are doomed to repeat it – because they are stupid, ignorant fools.  If history is erased, and censored groups like the KKK win.

Unfortunately, the implications of censorship are as horrifying as what is being censored.  What is being done in history classes throughout this nation is deplorable, from both the right, and the left.  The right wants certain books and thoughts removed, and so does the left.  Unfortunately, I’m more concerned, with history and text books, of the censorship and trends from the right, where the brainwashing of Character First has managed to penetrate even our very history, manipulating and changing it.

An excellent example of censorship and historical revision can be seen in this 2001 article by Daniel Homstad.  In it he states that the tales of massacres and murders committed by Little Crow and his men were just that, and cannot be documented.  Well, that is a damn lie. My great-grandmother witnessed Little Crow and his men murdering and mutilating 3 generations of her family.  She was 6-years-old at the time.  I have all the documentation and paperwork about the Dustin Massacre. I cannot get anyone to publish an article about my family story, because it is not politically correct.

We are starting to see two new forms of censorship, from the right, and from the left.  The left is now obsessed with trigger warnings.  The right is starting to manipulate via character studies, and the blind demands to absolute obedience to authority.  David Barton, the far right’s resident revisionist ‘historian’, had muddied the waters so badly, and created so many enemies on the left, that there are those on the left who are determined to undo the ‘damage’ Barton has done. Neither side is right.  Both sides are basically censoring history to prove a point.  Then there are those pesky trigger warnings where anything that is unpleasant needs to have a warning label.

The next two articles will explore the new censorship, and how we are being stripped of our First Amendment rights, just to placate those who are easily upset.

The bitter irony to the tale of the Dustin Massacre is that Amos Dustin, my great-great grandfather was so anxious to get the family to the new house on the other side of the county, that, impatient, he refused to wait for an assigned escort of armed troops.  They were less than an hour behind my family.  They were 20 minutes too late.  By the time they reached Kate Miller Dustin’s brother’s house, the oxen Amos had borrowed, had already returned to the farm, alerting the Millers that something horrible had happened.  They were already mounting a search and rescue party, reaching the crime scene before the troops arrived.

To me, one of the most haunting parts of the story is that, years later, the farmer where the family had been buried wanted to land to plow, so he dug up their graves and threw their bones in a pile, not even bothering to bury them.  When a local historian discovered what had happened, he was horrified. Somewhere I have a photo of it.

But… today’s historians deny anything ever happened.  If they were to admit Little Crow’s role in the brutality, the subject would be changed from one of innocent victim to cold-blooded murderer, which was the real reason he was hung.  No one dares discuss the brutality perpetrated against the settlers in this country.  It did not happen.  That part of history is now censored, and no one dares say otherwise.  The new censorship refuses to look at history in context.

The people who settled this nation existed in a harsh, brutal world where upward of 50% of their children would die before they became adults.  They lived in survival mode. No one wants to discuss political motivations, manipulations and why things happened the way they did.  If they were to do so, especially in the context of the Civil War era, Lincoln would come out looking as bad, if not worse than Andrew Jackson when it came to his First Nations’ policies. It’s easier to blame the settlers than face the fact that Lincoln appointed brutal, corrupt, almost evil individuals to carry out his policies.  The uprising in Minnesota is a direct result result of his appointments.

His handling of the Navajo issue was so incompetent that it set the stage for the Santa Fe Ring, and the movement of John Slaughter into Lincoln County New Mexico, and the Lincoln County War. Slaughter was so dishonest, so bad, that Lew Wallace, governor of New Mexico made Slaughter an offer he could not refuse.  Either leave the territory or go to prison.  Slaughter packed up his family, moved his cattle, stealing a few hundred more along the way, as he fled New Mexico for the Arizona Territory.  With him rode his drovers and associates:  Curly Bill Brocius, John Ringo, Frank Stillwell, Pete Spence, Wes Fuller, Billy Claiborne, and so forth an so on.  They ended up in a little town, too tough to die, known as Tombstone.