UPDATED: It Could Have Been Stopped


Screen Shot 2015-04-02 at 7.30.08 PMUPDATED:  Since the original post, additional information has appeared.  We are learning that Root’s father is basically an abusive monster.  Abuse creates abuse.  Now the story is starting to make more sense.  I will be willing to bet his father is also a racist.  His sister turned him in, when realizing who the shooter was.  She has called off her wedding.  Root was arrested not far from his sister’s fiance’s home.  My two cents is that he was heading to North Carolina to take out the sister’s fiance also.

According to his recent arrest report, Root was taking the anti-addiction medication, Suboxone, which has been linked, repeatedly to reports of paranoia and violence.  I will state again, if we remove racism from the equation, we have a better grasp on the story.  Unfortunately, the way the story is being hyped, it’s never going to happen.

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NY Times

UPDATE #2: According to a report just released by Root’s cousin, the attack was personal.  Apparently the girl he liked started dating a black man.  That removes the ‘terror’ aspect, entirely.   It is part of the trend of impotent young men killing over the fact that they can’t get a girl.  They use that as an excuse to destroy.

ORIGINAL POST: What Dylann Storm Roof did was a horrible, evil hate crime.  It was terrorism.  There is no other logical explanation for what he did.  He is a monster.  The question, in my mind, though is why wasn’t he stopped?  And – apparently, he could have been.  The issue of ethics and doing the right thing is going to be lost in the discussion of racism.  It should not be, but it is.  Also, what will be lost is parental culpability.

Rand Paul, bless his little heart, said that the shootings in Charleston are due to a lack of faith.  That’s interesting, considering the fact that Rand Paul’s bio was co-authored by Jack Hunter, AKA the Southern Avenger.  A lovely little white supremacist, Hunter also did quite a bit of work for Ron Paul.  This is the dirty little secret of South Carolina when the discussion is made about the various hate groups in the state.  Most of them are connect to Stormfront, VDare, American Renaissance, Council of Conservative Citizens, and their apologists in the MSM, including Michelle Malkin.  Lee Bright, who ran against Lindsey, and hates him, is also connected to them. They are basically libertarian at heart.  Many, if not the majority of them, are not ‘from’ South Carolina, but began moving into the state in an attempt to turn it in to a far right conservative outpost.

That said, we have another problem here.  Dylann Storm Roof could have been stopped. His former roommate knew about his plans for a shooting for at least six months.  Once again, we have the slaughter of the innocents because no one dared speak out and stop it.  It could have been stopped.  Instead, we’re told that, because he was white, no one would bother stopping him.  What a crock.  No one bothered to do what was right.

His parents knew he had problems, but refused to face itHis father gave him a .45 for his birthday. He was given money by his father and grandfather to purchase a gun.  They say that no one saw the incident coming, yet his former roommate did, and did nothing about it.  If a parent has a child who is obviously having problems, and gives that child a .45 (or cash to buy a firearm when the child is obviously disturbed) that parent should be arrested for accessory to murder. The friend who knew what he was planning and did nothing should be arrested for accessory to murder.

Roof’s parents knew he had problemsHe was a big time druggie, recently arrested for possessing Meth, Cocaine, and LSD.  He is 5 feet, 9 inches tall and weighted 120 pounds.  Didn’t anyone think something was wrong with that picture?  We will soon find out how serious a drug addict the young man is.

Instead, every political operative in the country is turning this into a political moment. Yes, it is political, but it is about people refusing to step up and do what is right?  I think the worst thing I heard was on Nancy Grace.  One of the women on her show said that what happened in Denver was bad, but what happened in Charleston was worse, because the victims were black.  Yes, she said that.  The problem here is that church shooting victims are usually white on white crime.  The ignorance the media is showing on the subject is appalling.  There are something like 25 church shootings for every school shooting.  You are more likely to be a victim if you are white, Christian, and Jewish. In 2012 there were approximately 112 instances of church based violence, with 63 of those instances resulting in a fatality.  Five of the shootings were in black churches.  The vast majority of shooters in all 112 instances were white.  Tomorrow we will explore violence in the place of worship.  It is far more frequent than the media wishes us to believe.  Instead, they are portraying what happened in Charleston is an isolated hate crime.  It was a hate crime, but it was far from isolated.

What has appalled and shocked me was the abject hatred spewed against people who are white, today, on the media.  The hatred I heard coming from the previously sane mouths of individuals I’ve watched for ages was terrifying.  One of these days, people are going to need to start admitting that not all white people are racist.  Frankly, I’m getting sick and tired of the narrative, and the canard of the extreme racism of the South, when statistics prove the most racist communities are in the North and Midwest.

I still can’t get over the fact that the people who enabled a monster are, so far, getting a free pass.  Yes, the man is evil.  He is also a meth addict.  He has a serious mental illness.  His friends and family enabled the situation. But, just saying there is more to this story than racism, we are told, is racist in itself.

There is one aspect of this horrific attack that, once you force yourself to remove the racial over-tones from the equation, in many ways, what happened is even more alarming.  We have a very serious problem in this country with young men Roof’s age, who are white, poorly educated, loners, drug users, socially inept, and has a certain physical profile.  If you look at him, and the other mass shooters, they have a common facial appearance, almost too young for their chronological age.  Coincidence doesn’t apply to crime.  If the facial appearance is similar, something going on in utero. I’m not a scientist, far from it, but I am a genealogist.  Either we’re dealing with a family trait or a birth defect.  When you go back and realize that from the single tintype we have of Billy the Kid, who shares the same physical traits it is more than interesting.

If something is going on, if we are dealing with a genetic problem, birth defect, a form of autism, Asperger’s Syndrome, or something else, it needs to be studied.  If we can find a physical link to the possibility of violence, should that link not be noted?  Let’s be brutally honest here.  Being a racist or a bigot is not an indicator of violence.  If every person who was a racist acted upon their personal demons, we would have an uninhabitable world. When you look at the statistics, only a very miniscule minority of racists ever do more than shot off their big fat mouths. When many do cross that line, it is often exhibited in domestic violence.

I have spent the past 10 years of my life studying white supremacists, militias, the anti-immigration movement, patriarchy, Christian Reconstruction, and their links to the far right, Koch Brothers, John Birch Society, libertarian movement, and modern day fascists.  It is extensive and terrifying. Some of the worst, most powerful individuals have inks into Charleston, Lexington County, Ron Paul, Rand Paul, League of the South, libertarians, and Stormfront.  Don’t ever think what happened in Charleston was an accident.  I am very interested in learning of Root’s links to these groups.  Yes, it is entirely possible he was radicalized online, as many people his age are doing with ISIS.  But, something is wrong here.  We’re talking South Carolina where everyone knows everyone else, just like my cousin, who is still in shock that someone she knows and respects was murdered in cold blood.  Who is this guy’s family and why aren’t people talking about them?  This is South Carolina, they should have relatives out the wazoo. Even I do, and my family was all from Florida, and moved into the state. I don’t even live here, now.

There is more to this story than a sick, mentally disturbed meth addicted loner with a gun.  I don’t do conspiracies.  What I do know is that young people do not acquire their political beliefs in a vacuum.  Almost like religion, we have a tendency to inherit our politics from our parents, at least until we ‘grow-up’.  Root still has the social mentality of a teenager, still deeply attached to his family.  There is absolute outrage from his uncle.  Where are his parents?

Having lived four decades in South Carolina, I know a heck of a lot about the good old boy redneck, ‘patriotic’, God-fearing, Rush Limbaugh, Glenn Beck watching Confederate flag waver.  They are not violent.  Deep down they aren’t all that racist.  They’ve been lied too, manipulated, and made fools of by a political movement they trusted with their lives.  Don’t tread on them.  Don’t ever think their hatred of Barack Obama is based on his race.  It is about him being portrayed as a socialist, liberal, gun-grabbing almost commie. Pig-headed to the very end, the righteous indignation about the Confederate flag at the state house is going to entrench them ever farther.  Why?  Because Rush, Beck, & Fox tell them they’re being had. It isn’t because they hate people who are a different race than theirs.  Very few of them are true haters. They are being used. The problem with this is that it is a two-edged sword.  There is noting more fierce than a sober redneck who has discovered he has been played for a fool. It isn’t going to happen overnight, but with the turn-over at FOX News, now that Murdoch’s far more liberal and far more dishonest son is taking over, fasten your seat belts, it’s going to be a bumpy ride. When they do discover they’ve been manipulated, change will happen so fast you won’t be able to keep up with it.

Tomorrow, I’ll feature a fascinating break-down of church violence.  According to the numbers, and the instances, racial shootings in churches are quite rare. During the 1990s white supremacists torched 37 black churches, the vast majority of the rural.  During the same period, they destroyed 23 white churches.  It is one of the few instances where violence against black churches is greater than violence in white churches.