UPDATE:Why Lie About the Islamic Terror Threat to the US?


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UPDATE: On the news this morning comes yet another story of a major ISIS arrest here in the US.  There’s something wrong here.  If the threat of white supremacist, Confederate terror is so great, why don’t we hear of arrests?  If the threat is so great, why isn’t the FBI profiling right wing, Confederate flag-flying rednecks?  Is it possible some other agenda is at work here?

ORIGINAL POST:  There three people in DC I trust:  Lindsey Graham, Elizabeth Warren, and Peter King.  They don’t grandstand for personal political gain.  Straight shooters, you can trust what they say.  So, when Peter King says he doesn’t understand why the NYTimes thinks that home-grown white supremacist terror is worse than organized Islamic terror, then I trust what he says.  There is a current narrative that white supremacist terror – terror by conservative white people, is worse than ISIS.  Something is very, very wrong here.

Something is very wrong here. I don’t understand the agenda.  Why misrepresent what is going on in this country? Yes, the anti-government right is a problem.  But, anyone who follows the issue knows that anti-government is not the same as Confederate ‘heritage’ organizations.  They aren’t going to kill people and blow things up like anti-government wackos.

Why lie about it?