There Aren’t All That Many White Supremacists


Screen Shot 2015-06-22 at 12.35.44 AMI’ve been surfing blogs, both extreme right, right, libertarian, and liberal out of South Carolina.  The general consensuses comment is that the so called ‘surge’ of KKK membership in SC, has been pumped up by federal agent infiltration.  A recent NYTimes article highlights how few actual individual are involved in the entirety of what we would consider ‘white  hate’.  The numbers seem huge, but when you break them down, and realize that there is a tremendous amount of ‘cross pollination’ there aren’t all that many people involved in it.  There are, and there aren’t.  There is a nice, warm fuzzy public face that sucks in so many conservatives – to a point.  No, it isn’t about white supremacy, heritage, or some strange vestige of the Civil War.  The public face is immigration reform. It is oh so rational, and logical.  The irony is, in order to find kindred souls in order to perpetuate his eugenic ideas, John Tanton almost destroyed the Sierra Club and Audubon Society.  This is my  hate ranking.

  1. Skinhead gangs
  2. Misc. Ne0-Nazi Groups
  3. Christian Identity
  4. Sovereign Citizens
  5. KKK
  6. Stormfront
  7. Anti-gov’t militias
  8. John Birch Society
  9. VDare (Michelle Malkin writes for it)
  10. Pioneer Society
  11. The Social Contract Press
  12. Occidental Dissent
  13. The Political Cesspool
  14. American Renaissance
  15. Council of Conservative Citizens
  16. League of the South
  17. American Border Patrol
  18. Pro English
  19. Charles Martel Society
  20. FAIR – Federation for American Immigration Reform
  21. National Policy Institute
  22. Americans for Legal Immigration
  23. Center for Immigration Studies
  24. All Bill Gothard related organizations
  25. Numbers USA
  26. Heritage Foundation
  27. Americans for Prosperity

No, these are afar from all the organizations.  I consider the Koch groups, Numbers USA and the Bill Gothard groups to be the gateway drug.  They are how just normal, decent people are drawn in to a web of deceit.  A good 60% of the people associated with the first four groups will never go farther than that.  At least 15% of the remaining 40% will go no rather than FAIR.  It should be noted, though, by the time someone falls for FAIR’s propaganda, they’re pretty far gone in the grand scheme of things.

Stormfront claims to have a large membership registration base of several hundred thousand.  I think those numbers are vastly over-inflated.  There are some claims that the KKK may now be up to about 5,000 members, nationwide.  According to some reports, that ‘surge’ in membership is about 64 people.  The John Tanton anti-immigration organizations have over-lapping memberships. They were once up to about 350K, but I think membership is down, quite a bit.

“…“White supremacist lone wolves pose the most significant domestic terrorist threat because of their low profile and autonomy — separate from any formalized group — which hampers warning efforts,” said a Department of Homeland Security report issued in 2009. The report came under fierce criticism from conservatives, who said it unfairly painted them as terrorists.

If the movement has a leading edge, it is, an online discussion forum. With about 40,000 visitors a day, it is perhaps the most popular supremacist site in the world based on page views, with more than a million a month (a figure that includes repeat visitors)….”

My real problem with all of this, with the big, fat, crocodile tears coming out of the left, when it comes to far right and neo-Nazi activity is that it is nothing but a ploy to keep us involved in an issue here, while the Obama Administration openly empowers actual Nazi leaders in the Ukraine.

Membership in these groups had been dropping.  I suspect, now that the SPLC and the left have over-played their hands, and given people who were never involved in ‘patriot’ groups a reason to join them, those numbers may grow for a time.  The worst problem is that they’ve lost credibility.  Once some groups began discussing banning Gone With the Wind, and Nick pulled reruns of the Dukes of Hazard, they lost the goodwill of the vast majority of those who support removing the Confederate flag from tax-payer funded property, myself included.  Bree Newsome, and her grandstanding as she removed the flag made the rest of us mad.  She had no right to do that.

The power of white supremacist groups has been greatly exaggerated.  So has their reach and their power.  They are still out there, but their numbers were contracting.  Had not the far left overplayed their hand, and turned every idiot who waved a Confederate flag into a enemy of the people, these groups would have contracted, even more.