UPDATED: Try Talking to Windstream, I Sure Can’t


Screen Shot 2015-07-08 at 11.08.45 AMFor well over a year, I’ve had a problem with my broadband speed. I’m paying for what should be at least 11 or 12 mbps, and rarely do I get it. My upload speed is almost dial-up.  Upload speed is so bad, at night, late, there are times when I can’t work on the blog, because I can’t upload and save.  The problem begins around 11:30PM and lasts until about 2:30AM.  It happens primarily from Thursday through Sunday.  If I were the only person having these problems, I would willingly admit that it is a problem with my personal system – somewhere.  But – other people who live in the physical area are having the same problem.

I’m not stupid.  I’ve been online since the early days when I had to switch everything I had to MCI so that I could use their dial-up number and be happy about a speed of 15k or so.  Every month I would get a print-out of my on-line sessions, and pay for anything over a specific time.  When I moved to New Mexico, I was thrilled because I could go to 56k.  I have been using Windstream’s broadband since about 2005 or so.  I have had WiFi set up for most of that time.  I’ve been doing this long enough to know what is working, what isn’t, when the problem is on my end, and when it is systemic.

Oh, they’ll dispatch a technician to come over and check my end of things.  This has happened, repeatedly.  I have been repeatedly told there is nothing wrong with my wiring, my equipment, or anything I’m doing.  The problem is in something that Windstream is doing, but they absolutely refuse to take any form of ownership that it is not on my end.  Once in awhile, when calling to complain, or ask about an outage, someone will admit that they’re having problems with the system, but that doesn’t happen very often.

The latency problem is localized.  I know of businesses which have had to relocate so they could have access to a better system, or just switched to local cable company or a different broadband service.  Unfortunately, I can’t do that.  I’m locked into a system that cannot be changed.  When I need to do a major upload, I use my Verizon cell and do 4G.  But, that can get expensive.  A friend’s who lives about 4 blocks from me cannot even upload the web sites he builds, and communicate with his customers online, the upload speeds are so slow.  I try to have my blog finished before 11PM each night, because the system is so slow, I can’t finish the blog until after 3AM or so. I wish someone could get the well-meaning, but completely clueless people at Windstream to comprehend when something is that erratic, it is not due to their customers, but to them?

Anyone who knows how broadband works knows the farther you are from the ‘switching’ station for want of a better term knows that it gets slower.  I’m physically about a block away from the local one.  I am also aware that the more users at a certain time the slower it gets.  This rarely happens where I live.  There aren’t that many consumers of the problem.

Something is gobbling up bandwidth at odd hours of the night and on weekends.  I have a few suspects, but something is taking up the bandwidth.  Too bad Windstream techs don’t comprehend this salient fact.  In a way, it isn’t Windstream’s fault if someone is.  If it is their equipment, it is their fault.  Their tech people need to keep telling us that the problem is we’re using WiFi. Do I look that stupid?  Evidently, I do.  Once again, I’m getting the royal run-around from Windstream. They need to send someone over to service my equipment.  What is it going to take to penetrate their brains – the problem is in their system and not mine?

I give up, trying to get someone within their system to understand what is going on here is something on their side of things.  That is an impossibility. The customer is always wrong.

UPDATE:  I’ve learned that there is a local, but system wide problem with broadband speed, latency, and slowdowns that is fairly well spread.  The individual I’ve been communicating with at Windstream still insists on examining my phone, lines, & WiFi, refusing to admit there is a problem.  There have been cable problems for the past year.  Don’t expect Windstream to own up to their incompetency. I don’t.