Sensible Immigration Reform & Mexican Corruption


Screen Shot 2015-04-28 at 4.29.24 PMDid you know that, as far as corruption goes, Mexico ranks second in the entire world?  The corruption is so bad, even American companies doing business in the country, are eventually sucked in to the system of bribery.  Currently, 16 billionaires reside in Mexico, but most of the people live in unbelievable poverty.

Who would believe that Donald Trump could hit a nerve with voters when he began discussing immigration reform.  He put his foot in his mouth, and is gnawing all the way to the knee, but he hit a nerve.  After the incident in San Francisco last week, people started thinking about Sanctuary Cities and felons.  I’ve been an advocate for Sanctuary Cities for undocumented immigrants for years.  I think the problem, though is we do have a tendency to think about the mom & pop, just trying to keep their families together.  We don’t think about hard-core criminals manipulating the system.  After listening to an interview with John Walsh on Wednesday afternoon, I’ve become convinced something rational needs to be done.  The bad guys need to be deported.  The problem is, thanks to the Tanton machine, we cannot have a rational discussion.

The far right wants one thing, the far left another.  Neither side is capable of compromise.  People who are trying to create a better life for themselves should not be treated like violent criminals who use and manipulate the system.  We all know nothing will be done about it.  Everyone will vent, complain, wring their hands, and trash the other guy.  Monsters need to be locked-up, no matter what side of the border.  Let’s face the fact that Mexico isn’t going to do much with their criminals.  It’s quite simple.  Lock them up here and bill Mexico.  Let families go free, and have an opportunity for a real life.

We all know sensible immigration reform will never work. The right hates the left and the left hates the right.  No one wants to go out on a limb and do what George W. Bush tried to do.  They see what happened to him.   Lesson learned.

All any of our elected officials or wannabe officials are going to do is pontificate.  Nothing is going to change.  Our political parties are so polarized nothing can be accomplished, not any more.  Frankly, as a nation, we should be ashamed.

It’s too bad we can’t end the story at this point, but there is more too it.  Donald Trump is 100% correct about corruption in Mexico.  Even Carlos Slim, the wealthiest man in the world, or one of them, is on The Donald’s case.  According to people I know who left Mexico because of what is going on, his vast fortune has been acquired the old fashion way, via corruption.  When dealing with Mexico, it’s much better to shoot the messenger, literally, then decapitate them.  According to a UN report of just a few months ago, the corruption in Mexico is ‘rampant’.  I don’t think the situation has changed in just 4 months.

“…Human rights violations, corruption, and collaboration with cartels is so common among some sections of the Mexican military that multiple U.S. agencies have stopped funding them. The U.S. Army recently declared an entire battalion of Mexican Army troops ineligible for American assistance, according to documents obtained by the National Security Archive, and a Latin Times source confirms that the DEA has been avoiding sections of Mexican military for years because of their reputation for misconduct. At the heart of the most recent allegations are troops from the Mexican Secretary of National Defense, known as SEDENA, have been blacklisted following allegations of massacring 22 people last June. An executive U.S. military summary known as a Bottom Line Up Front (BLUF) …”

Apparently, Trump has done his homework about what is going on in Mexico.  He is also right about corruption spilling across the border.   From what I can tell, the full court press is on to destroy Trump if he cannot be intimidated into shutting up about what is going on along the border and in Mexico.  One of the reasons we don’t know what is going on is that journalists who cover Mexico, and report on the corruption end up dead.  As of January 1 of this year, nearly 100 journalists have been killed, in Mexico, in the past 4 years.   People don’t write about this because they end up dead, even in this country.

Only 1 out of every 10 crimes is reported in Mexico.  The average person lives in a state of fear and siege. As of 2014, Mexico had the 16th highest violence against women rate in the world.  There are even travel warnings for Americans.  Yet, the media still parrots statistics they are told to use.  It is rather fascinating.  Why hide what is going on? Why is the US media refusing to cover the story, instead, trying to destroy Trump.