People Like Bree Newsome


Screen Shot 2015-07-07 at 7.08.05 PMLet’s be very honest.  I don’t like people like Bree Newsome.  Fact is, I can’t stand people like Bree Newsome.  She’s a self-serving, narcissistic, self-promoting individual who is using an issue to put herself in the spotlight, stomping over other people to get there.  I thought this before I located her website.  Durn, am I rightYesterday, I wrote that she was obviously not oppressed.  Once I checked her bio, I’m 100% correct. She is a child of privilege, using and manipulating a situation to get ahead – for herself.  She is now a celebrity, with all the perks of the game.  That’s been her plan, all along.  She’s not just the 1%, she’s the 0.5%, born with a platinum spoon in her mouth, and then pontificates about oppression of ‘her people’.  Unfortunately, ‘her people’ are Hollywood, Upper East Side, Peabody Institute, that sort of thing.

Don’t get me wrong, there is nothing wrong with self-promotion, to a point.  I’ve known people like Newsome, unfortunately.  They have a tendency to rush in, very coldly and calculating, co-opting an issue, a subject, a cause, or even a group, club, to make it their own special little stepping-stone to bigger and better.

You see it a heck of a lot in politics, and I have the footprints on my back to prove it.  It is a funny thing, though. People who climb over others to promote themselves usually end up tripping over their own big feet.

People like this are found in all aspects of life, unfortunately.  You encounter them in school, at work, at church, and especially in civic organizations. Boy, do you find them in civic organizations.  Talk about users, that’s where they can truly do a heck of a lot of damage.  The are people who so literally rig things in clubs, you don’t have much of a chance, unless you are in their little inner circle.  The DAR is worse than any of them, been there and done that.

So, when I saw Bree Newsome, I knew exactly what she was.  Don’t go telling me what a great activist she is.  The only reason she’s activated is to promote Bree Newsome into another self-congratulatory film award.