Screen Shot 2015-03-30 at 12.24.05 AMFirst, I a not endorsing Donald Trump.  I am not supporting him.  I’m supporting my friend, Lindsey.  I would vote for Trump under one, maybe two circumstances, first Bernie Sanders being the Dem nominee, and maybe if Hillary were. I’m on again and off again with her. That’s it. My choice is Lindsey Graham.  So, do not consider this an endorsement of Trump.  My choice, if Lindsey isn’t in it, if Joe Biden.  I’m crazy about him!

Frankly, I’m enjoying the Donald Show.  I don’t think he’s hurting the GOP.  First, he’s giving it some much needed levity, and it needs some levity. Second, he is sucking all the air out of the room.  That’s not exactly a bad thing.  Like I said, I’m supporting Lindsey, and he’s not hurting Lindsey, at all.  He’s almost the perfect foil for Lindsey.   Over the years, Lindsey has been the one consistent GOP voice in the room when it comes to immigration reform.  Lindsey is getting air time, and is coming out looking like the statesman that he is.  So, let’s let the Donald Show continue.  He’s hurting Rand Paul, Ted Cruz, Chris Christie,  Marco Rubio, and the also-rans, who cannot get air time.  He could be hurting Jeb Bush worst of all. He’s not hurting Lindsey, so let Donald be Donald.

He is saying things which need to be said.  I don’t approve of half of it, but they need to be said.  We have a crime problem on the Southern border, no matter how the press tries to portray it.  Mexico is horribly corrupt.  How corrupt is it?  Personally, I sold my 1988 LeBaron Series B Convertible, which was almost mint to a jerk who paid me $27.00 for it.  He never called me back about getting together with him to transfer the title.  Long story short, the car is now in El Paso, if not Mexico.  I talked to a local magistrate on Wednesday.  Because he took it across the border, and bought a fake title in Mexico, I am totally screwed.  That’s life on the border.

Unfortunately, he is speaking to a strong anti-immigration faction within the GOP.  I still don’t get that one.  When people claim to be Christians, then they need to do the whole stranger in an strange land, and the least of them.  Unfortunately, the issue has been so manipulated by the Tanton hate machine, we’re not going to see any form of positive immigration reform.  I don’t know about you, but the realization that 80% of them women crossing from Central America through Mexico to this country are raped, and know they will be is horrifying.  Yet, they keep coming – for a better life.  I think we need to be honoring that.

The media is treating Trump like dirt.  I think the worst the media treats him, the more he resonates with people.  Perhaps people are sick and tired of politicians.  That’s what you are hearing from his supporters.  They’re just tired of politicians.  They want a business person in office.  If we pay attention to the lesson of history, the front-runner status won’t last much longer.  But – what if it does?

I keep thinking the media is protesting too much.  There’s something, somewhere, in some internal polling that terrifies them.  This could get interesting.