The Foul Staunch of Rank Hypocrisy


Screen Shot 2015-06-02 at 10.31.56 PMDid you know that military recruiting centers have been major targets of Islamic terror for years?  Did you know how frequent Islamic terror related arrests are in the US?  Islamic extremist arrests here in the US are growing in number?

Evidently the lives of Gunnery Sgt. Thomas Sullivan, Lance Cpl. Skip ‘Squire’ Wells, Sgt. Carson Holmquist, and Staff Sgt. David Wyatt don’t matter, at least not in the grand scheme of all things hysterical and extremely progressive.  For one thing, and I am loath to say this, but I am going to come right out and do it, they are the members of the wrong group murdered by someone from a protected ethnic group.  Apparently, when one is dealing with politically correct sensibilities, there are certain groups of people who are not acceptable and must be destroyed at all costs.  I don’t know how else to put it.  They are to be attacked and harassed by unbiased individuals who are only bigots when it comes to interacting with those specific groups.

In other words, if a person is white, Southern, conservative, and Christian they are automatically considered to be racist haters who must be marginalized as quickly as possible.  The groups doing the hating are allegedly unbiased and quite fair.  They loath racists and anyone resembling one.  They don’t hate – unless you are white, Southern, and Christian.  They don’t hate unless you are white and Southern.  They don’t hate unless you are Southern and Christian.  They don’t hate unless you are Christian.  They don’t hate if you are white, atheist, and Southern.  You can be white, atheist, and liberal.  You can be white, atheist, liberal, and Southern – sort of.  It helps if yo are not Southern.  Right now, their manipulative, political overlords are demanding they hate anything Southern.  Beware if you encounter them online.  They are rude.  They are bullies, and abusers.  They marginalize, and basically do everything possible to silence the opposition.

I like following trends, to see how people think and react.  As someone who spent 4 decades of my life in South Carolina, I was sickened and heart-broken over what happened in Charleston.  I was and still am furious with the irrational hatred I am still seeing when it comes to the South.  I don’t get it.  None of this makes sense, especially when one listens to the overwhelming sounds of silence when it comes to dealing with what happened in Chattanooga on Thursday.  They are totally and completely silent, except for discussing the abject hatred and racism of the South, and how to basically destroy it.

Part of it is about silencing anyone who dares oppose what the select have to say.  I’ve been leaving comments on sites, some of them liberal, designed to see what would happen if I dared express a contrary opinion.  What they do is nothing less than mean, cruel, vicious bullying.  It is strange.  To express a contrary opinion is to be bullied into submission.

The far right is rough.  Libertarians are a nightmare from hell, but what I’m learning about the extreme left is shocking.  I spent an hour following my Twitter feed, checking out liberals. Not one single person tweeted about what happened in Chattanooga, yet they are still talking about racism, and the deaths of others, but not one single peep about the death of four Marines.


We are all well aware that the followers of the Muslim faith are, for the most part, like everyone else.  There are good people and bad.  They are no different than others. Yet, groups like the SPLC have no problem listing  some Christian groups as ‘hate’ groups, and rightly so.  Yet, they don’t do the same for certain Islamic organizations we know are up to no good.  We’re told that ‘Christian’ hate groups are more dangerous than Islam.  For some strange reason the SPLC discusses lone wolf domestic terror as far right, white, male, and white supremacist.  The ADL, on the other hand, points to an Islamic connection.

Psychology Today
Psychology Today

There is a far right connection to extremism.  I’ve been writing about it for years.  And, if I were a cop, I’d be more concerned about the far right than I would Islamic terror for a simple reason.  Apparently the feds are doing a decent job catching those involved in Islamic terror, and aren’t with the far right.  Can you say racial profiling?  The real problem here is that the Obama Administration is refusing to deal with Islamic terror.

“…The President, referring to three Muslims killed in North Carolina, said that no one should be targeted because of his or her faith. I agree, but it does happen. It is curious that the President used this specific example to blame religious targeting as the facts of the case are not clear and this may have been due to a parking space dispute. However, when there is undeniable evidence of Jews being targeted and killed in a Kosher butcher store or a synagogue or 21 Christians killed for being Christians in Syria, the administration avoids accusations and refers to them as “citizens” and “innocents.” When radical violent Muslims target and kill Christians, we need to acknowledge that it was religiously motivated. Losing sight of the groups’ purpose and ideology inhibits rallying recruitments from a moral perspective….”

What is so amazing about this paragraph is that I’ve spent about 4 hours working on this post, trying to find the above information.  There is a tremendous amount of material out there about far right extremism, but I had to find the above on the Psychology Today site.


When I started this article, it was about the hypocrisy of liberals, race, terror, and bias.  It went in a direction I never expected.  I never expected to find material that backed up my suspicion that the Obama Administration is trying to downplay Islamic terror, even in the US, by manipulating numbers to make it appear far right, white, conservatives are the real danger.





2 thoughts on “The Foul Staunch of Rank Hypocrisy

  1. The reason that the FBI has not caught alot of right wing terrorists is that there are not a lot of them in the first place. Most people
    on far right sites like Stormfront, American Renaissance, and Free Republic are there to vent because they feel marginalized, and not to plan terrorist attacks. Those people have freedom of speech like anyone else. I have looked thru SPLC’s site and most of the people he lists as terrorists are just people with loud mouths and blogs. Far right terriosts who actually commit criminal acts are few and far between. There are far more leftist terrorists. The FBI is right to get a jump on the Islamic terriorists to stop them from escalating.

  2. There is a difference between shooting off one’s mouth and shooting off a gun. Most far right ‘haters’ are basically idiots who delight in shooting off their mouths. Say ‘boo’ and, like roaches, they run for the darkness. Real terror is just that. There is a difference.

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