Minimizing Hate


Screen Shot 2015-06-22 at 12.35.44 AMI have been writing about and researching hate groups in this country for nearly 10 years.  It will be 10 years in October that I started working on it.  One of the reasons I started blogging is because of what I was starting to see.  I won’t give the reasons or the story.  Not long after I started writing about it, I was on the phone with my late editor.  I was telling him what I was finding, shocked.  He explained that his uncle was one of the big-time Nazi hunters.  Jewish, his uncle had once engaged in a shootout in a London subway with a Nazi.  Mark told me what to look for, and how to find them.  An hour later I was physically ill. I could not believe what I had found, right there, for the world to see.  He advised me to start printing what I was finding.  I did.  I have 4 liner feet of print-outs and pages from 10 years ago – small sites, which are now gone, the people involved in them going on to bigger and better things.

If you have been following me on Twitter, or in comments I’ve been making this past month, you know I’m irate, disappointed, and disgusted with what I see.  I don’t mind expressing my abject dismay with the SPLC over what has happened since the Charleston shooting.  They’re blowing it.  I think they blew it before that, quite truthfully, by calling too many groups ‘hate’.  Yes, there are groups which hate, but it needs to be defined.  There’s a difference between ‘hate’ and ‘hate‘.

The mistake the SPLC has made, along with I think, the Obama Administration, and quite a few on the left, is simplistically lumping all of these groups together, not dealing with nuances, degrees and stark reality.  They are also ignoring psychology.  Instead of minimizing the problem, they’ve made it much worse than it one was.  At the same time, there is a concerted effort to completely ignore the threat of Islamic religious hate, concentrating only on those who are against Islam, ignoring the growing threat here in this country.  By euphemistically calling it ‘domestic’ terror, and ignoring the number of arrests being made before attacks happen, there is an intellectual dishonesty at work.  The threat to this nation from Islamic hate is far greater than from far right hate.  Frankly, I think some of the posturing is purely political.  And – that is not a good thing.  In fact, it is a very bad thing. Not only has it enraged a specific group of people who were far from angry about anything, and blinded another group to the real threat.

Quite frankly, I’m furious with the abject intellectual dishonesty, and what I fear can only be called ‘race-baiting’.  I’ve been watching ‘racism’ and hate long enough to know what is honest, and what is dishonest.  What we are seeing today, with the ire, and fury over what happened in Charleston is fake.  It’s political. It is manipulative and being used to serve a political purpose.  It is abjectly dishonest and very poorly done.

There are many explanations for what is happening.  Unfortunately, I am now so cynical I think the outrage is being orchestrated in an attempt to marginalize the growing political clout of the southern part of the United States.  I suspect the idea is to attempt to make inroads in southern states, trying to convince them the GOP is racist and cannot be trusted.  I hope that is all this is.  After the response to what happened in Chattanooga, I do think that is what we’re dealing with – political operatives trying to rile up a constituency who is extremely disillusioned with politics, and may not be turning out in the numbers they want – for 2016.  Considering the fact that the Administration has no problem arming and supporting fascists and  Neo-Nazis in the Ukraine, I have a very difficult time even thinking they give a damn about the same people in this country. It’s quite obvious there are certain libertarian factions in this country who have no problem with either group.

That is my cynical version of things. We are also dealing with a group of far left extremists who are as ill-informed and illiterate as their far right counterparts.  Like far left tea partiers (insult intended) they are doing what they are told, saying what they are told to say, and harassing who they are told to harass. They are just a ignorant as to how the government works, the Constitution, and the basics of civics that I am about ready to agree with a friend who says they are the same people, hiring out to the highest bidder, for pay. If so, then we go right back to the mechanization of Karl Rove and the Brother’s Koch.  We must enrage the base, the tea party base, which has been terribly quiet, basically dying.  Unfortunately, we all know the extreme right, those lovely little entities who march around holding Confederate flags, hating immigrants and saying bad things about people of color are the same base which is now enraged, and protesting, thusly.

Over the weekend, in Charleston, there was a glorious rally of KKKers who came in from several states, to rally ’round the flag, boys, rally ’round the flag.  They showed up, by the handful, in all their glory.  I found a tweet that said it best.

Twitter Screen Capture
Twitter Screen Capture

That’s it.  We need perspective on what is going on with these idiots – and they are idiots.  I suspect they should not be allowed to reproduce, considering their dubious gene pool.  Like I mentioned to someone, those of us in the South make fun of these people.  I think you can see why.  They are worthy of being mocked.  They are a joke.  In the state of South Carolina there are two active KKK groups.  The largest group has about 65 members or so.  The state of South Carolina has a population of over 4.8 million people.  The state has something like 19 ‘hate’ groups.  Of those, 1 is anti-immigration, and another is anti-LGBT.  There are six ‘Confederate patriot’ groups.  While membership will overlap, the groups you fear are about 8, which are associated with Neo-Nazis,  skinheads, and CofCC.

The real problem here is perspective.  This where the SPLC has gone wrong, lumping everyone together.  You can’t.  They are different.  The people one should fear are those who have an association with Stormfront, skinheads, Sovereign Citizens (not race based), and anything which is part of the Council of Conservative Citizens, American Renaissance, Vdare, Stormfront group.  The Sovereign Citizens may be even scarier than the Neo-Nazis.  They’re the ones who don’t mind a fighting war. Cliven Bundy is part of the fringe of their movement.

So many things are going on here.   First, the libertarian, extreme right movement chose South Carolina to be their secession model.  Another faction of the same ‘bunch’ is using Oklahoma as a model for a religious take-over.  They’ve made North Carolina ground zero in voting rights.  They’re using New Mexico as an example of abject political corruption and the wholesale purchase of a state.  Their chosen disciples, this year, are Mike Huckabee, Scott Walker, Rand Paul, Ted Cruz, Marco Rubio, and Chris Christie.   Unfortunately, that’s where the Ukraine comes in, for the oil, gas, and agri-business.

The far left has turned ‘racism’ into a joke.  If I weren’t a rational and well-grounded individual, I’d swear they were using it for cultural cleansing.  There is a hatred against white people being spewed that is almost frightening.  There is an entire generation of young people who now think they’re living in a horribly racist world.  Like Bree Newsome, they are children of privileged who obviously have nothing better to do with their time. Or, like Newsome, they are using their ire to propel them into future political or artistic careers.

By doing this, we are losing sight of the very real problems in this country.  Let’s start with Christian Reconstruction, Bill Gothard, Hobby Lobby, R. J. Rushdoony, Ron Paul, Gary North, and their connection to the John Birch Society, Koch Brothers, and the underbelly of the white supremacist movement.   Add to this John Tanton’s anti-immigration movement, with its connection to the John Birch Society, and the underbelly of the white supremacist movement, and direct connections with the CofCC, American Renaissance, Stormfront, and various far right media personalities.  They are the real problem.  But – thanks to the insanity of the extreme left, ranting, railing, and acting like a bunch of fools over that stupid Confederate flag, these people – the real patrons of hate in this country, are getting a total and complete pass.

Do you now how many politicians these people control? Do you even comprehend their agenda?  These are very, very bad people.  They are men and women who slither around in the background.  They are powerful, important, and hide their agenda behind layers of front organizations. Frankly, I think we should be afraid, we should be very afraid, especially when their manipulations and their money goes into promoting causes which inflame mentally ill loners like Dylann Root, and the people who have refused to see the big picture.  Like tea partiers, they are content to be manipulated and used. The tea parties drove many people, myself included from the GOP.  If the Dems aren’t careful, they are going to over-play their agenda and have the same thing happen to them.