Sandra Bland Was Cutting Herself


Screen Shot 2015-06-22 at 12.35.44 AMSandra Bland was cutting herself.   The reason a person cuts themselves is to create control in their lives.  She was on her way to establishing that control, and her dream job. Then, her life fell apart.  In an era of zero tolerance, she had been pushed to the breaking point.

Of all the recent news stories, I think this one has upset the most.  Sandra Bland is dead.  The question is was her death a suicide or something more nefarious?  The arresting officer was a total and complete jerk.  That’s what the dash-cam video shows.  But, what we’re not told is that he ran her license and registration.  Unfortunately, what we’ve not been told is what he found.  She had something like 10 encounters with cops in Illinois and in Texas.  I don’t know about you, but that’s quite a few.

What disturbs me is the report that the autopsy said she either swallowed a tremendous amount of marijuana in jail or smoked it.  How the hell did she get it?  Maybe that is a greater question than the suicide.

  • March, 2013 – She was stopped while driving a 2013 Cadillac DeVille.  She was fined for speeding and driving an uninsured vehicle. According to Cook County records, the $200 fine has yet to be paid.
  • November, 2013 – She was arrested in Naperville and charged, transported to DuPage County Jail.
  • February, 2014 – Bland was charged, convicted and fined for driving an uninsured vehicle and driving with an expired license.  As of May, 2014 she had not paid the fine of $2,769.00.
  • March 3, 2014 – Another operating an uninsured vehicle.  As of June, of 2014 she had yet to pay $1,313.00.
  • March 8, 2014 – She was stopped in Lombard, for speeding, driving under the influence, improper lane change, failure to obey a traffic signale, failed to signal lane changed, driving with a suspended license, operating an uninsured vehicle.  She was convicted of 1 count of DUI.  The fine was $3,132.00.  She lost her license until November of 2104.
  • There were additional problems going back to 2004.

“…In the days before she was jailed, Mosley said, there were no red flags that she suffered from mental illness or even mild depression. Suggestions to the contrary, based on an earlier video in which she said that she had suffered from depression and post-traumatic stress disorder, were “absurd,” he said.

“She was talking about this job, waiting on this callback,” Reed-Veal, who is a real estate broker, said of her daughter’s interview for a job as a college outreach coordinator at her alma mater, Prairie View A&M, a historically black university.

“I know what my purpose is,” she recalled Bland saying. “My purpose is to go back to Texas and stop all social injustice in the South.”..”

We’re told all of this is nothing but racism.

Sandra Bland was cutting herself.  Did her mother not know she was cutting herself?

Racism? The child was out-of-control with what appears to be a fairly serious drug problem, enough for there to have a DUI. Apparently the family could afford to get her help, but it would appear that they did not. Every one is so busy screaming racism, no one is bothering to look at a tragic young woman who had a substance abuse problem, and appears to have been ‘gotten out of’ disasters of her own making. I’m wondering if the family was practicing a little ‘tough love’ on her, and decided to let her sit in jail for a few days. She was cutting herself – and the family said she had no problems? That is a cry for help. I don’t care what her race was, she deserved better – from her family, from what I can tell.

I have known kids like this. I also know what their families have gone through, trying to keep them out of trouble. For the family to say they knew of no problems, they were either lying or had no contact with her. The problems go back a good 10 years. She was cutting herself! Do you know why people her age do that? It is a cry for help.

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Racism? Frankly, I don’t know why, with the traffic infractions she had, why she was not doing either community service, rehab, or some jail time. And yes – I know of white kids who have had similar problems – and they did all of the above.

I’m so sick of this fake crying about racism. It’s not helping this young woman. She needed very real psychological help. From what I’m reading, I wouldn’t be surprised if she wasn’t bi-polar. She needed help she was not getting. And – obviously no one gave a damn about it. I think about the young people I know who are her age, and have had problems. Their families have gone to hell and back to help them. Evidently, now that she’s dead, everyone is wringing their hands and blaming others. This whole story makes me ill.

As for suicide, I suspect that is exactly what happened. Anyone who was cutting themselves was at risk. Did her mother not know about it? I know someone who went through the same thing with a child, including jail time. How she handled things was far different from what we see here. It is so much easier to scream racism than look in a mirror and take blame.

This is not a simple tale.  To scream and yell racism is helping no one.  I don’t know if the arrest was racist.  What I do know is, now that we are aware of the young woman’s 10 year history of traffic violations and arrest records, I can understand the cop’s attitude.  But – he violated so many rules, including not calling for help.  I’m wondering if we can assume that he smelled marijuana in the car?  We’re not talking Colorado.  Bland was combative.  It is fascinating how her traffic violations are bunched together.  This could so easily be explained if she were bi-polar.  If so, did her family not know?  If they knew, why are they lying about it?  If they did not know, then that’s just as bad.

The young woman left a trail of tears on FB.  She was despondent.  She’d lost a baby, and obviously had a problem with it. I’m wondering if the traffic violations happened after the miscarriage.  If so, didn’t her family give a damn?  Was she targeted for her activism?  Frankly I don’t think the arresting officer was that bright.

I was listening to a psychologist on CNN, who obviously had only superficial facts.  I think Sandra Bland was a spoiled, rich brat, who was also a pot-head.  Where is the 2013 Cadillac she was driving a year ago?   Did her mother decide to let her spend the weekend in jail for tough love, and Sandra decided to stage a suicide attempt, which was, unfortunately successful?

The psychologist on CNN said there was no reason for a young woman who had just landed her dream job to be upset.  Her tears and anxiety were that she wanted her future, not about suicide.  Yes, the woman was that stupid.

A young woman with a history of marijuana abuse, DUI, traffic tickets, and one arrest warrant is arrested and spends the weekend in jail, for assaulting a cop.  Bye bye job.  She hadn’t had her first day on the job.  She probably would have been on probation.  Probation would allow no quarter for what had just happened to her.  Add to the fact that, for once, she hadn’t done anything all that wrong, and she had been put in a position where not only was her dream job history, but she would have faced a bleak employment picture. The cutting is indicative of someone who feels she has no control of her life.

If you can’t cry for this woman, you don’t have a heart. Her life was so tragic.  Let’s be honest.  She sewed the seeds of her own destruction.  I’ve seen so many Sandra Blands in my lifetime, I just keep hoping the insanity will end, but it never does.  I don’t know if the actions of a really bad cop were racist.  They were uncalled for.  It destroyed the life of a young woman who had so much promise.


What if she had been wise enough to say please and thank you and not lip off to him? She would still be alive.  A friend once told me that I need to stay home until I can learn to keep my big fat mouth shut.  It was the best advice anyone has ever given me.  There are times when you just need to keep your big fat mouth shut – and live to fight another day.

I have been saying that one of these days, the-little -boy-who-cried-wolf hyperventilating about racism was going to cause people to miss the real story.  Yes, this is about racism.  But, it is more than racism.  In a way, racism diminishes the story and the tragedy.  The tragedy was, the moment an over-zealous cop who had no business being a cop turned a routine traffic stop, that was a judgement call in the first place, into an assault on an officer, he had literally ruined Sandra Bland’s immediate future.  We live in an era of zero tolerance.  A young woman, who was due to start her job in a few days, knew that, because of abject insanity, she would not have that job the moment her immediate supervisor discovered where she had spent her weekend.  At her age, try putting something like that on a resume and hope to get a well-paying, viable job with a future.  She would be lucky to be able to flip burgers at Mickey D’s.  Considering the fact that she probably could not pass a pee-test, she couldn’t even find minimum wage employment at Walmart.

The real racism is the fact that, due to the atrocious incarceration of blacks, once out of jail, and home, free, they aren’t.  Their lives have been ruined.  We live in a society which refuses to forgive. It’s zero tolerance, all the way.

Why the hell didn’t Sandra Bland demand to see an attorney?