Why Donald Trump Should Not Be POTUS


Screen Shot 2015-07-30 at 10.59.27 PMAll joking about the absurd back-comb aside, there is one reason Donald Trump should not now, nor ever be elected President of the United States of America.  It’s very simple.  It is more a reflection of our modern world and culture than anything else.  The man has lived a very charmed life.  He has never truly known a moment of real hard-ship, deprivation, or even heart-ache that could not be softened by his money.  He’s not even a ‘rich’ billionaire, no like the Brother’s Koch.  He’s more like what a ‘rich’ millionaire would have been twenty-five years ago.  His fortune has not grown, exceedingly, which could say quite a bit about his integrity and honesty.  I think he is – for a billionaire.  Yes, he has kept himself in the public eye by working hard at being Donald Trump, and has managed to do it long after many of his ilk have faded into obscurity.  He’s good.  He knows what he’s doing.  He’s cocky, narcissistic, and has a tremendous amount of faith – in himself.

There is absolutely nothing wrong with any of this.  The problem is, the man’s life has been so charmed, he’s never known what it is like to worry about basic survival.  Yes, there were the times when he was facing bankruptcy, and could barely pay his bills, but he had the savvy to survive.  That is a talent.  It could be he is the dose of tonic this nation needs.


On Wednesday he was doing an interview with CNN, discussing immigration.  Like so many ‘reasonable’ GOP proposals, he thinks those who are here, illegally, should just go back home and they can return, as quickly as possible.  That sounds nice.  It sounds reasonable, and it probably is, the problem is, so many people who are here, illegally, cannot afford to return to their country of origin.

That’s the problem.  When you have lived a life that does not include poverty, then someone like Donald Trump can not even begin to conceptualize how people have lived, just to survive.  He showed this when he was discussing the situation in Mexico.  It is sad to be so far removed from reality that, no matter how well intentioned he is, it is tragic.  He will never be able to understand what these people suffer to get into this country.

He can’t.
He cannot possibly walk even an inch in their shoes.

No matter how much he can try, he can’t do it.  And – that’s the main reason why he should not be POTUS.

Yet- I like the fact that he is not ruling out the option of expanding Medicare, and thinking about the Canadian system for health care.  The man is a strange dichotomy. He is the first person, GOP or Dem I’ve heard who has said that no one should be without health care.  The Dems play it for politics.  I think this was sincere.

On the other hand Lindsey Graham has had to work for everything he has.  He’s been there, where we all have gone at one time or another.  He understands what it is to do without.  I’d rather have Lindsey as POTUS.