The Insufferable Rudeness of #BlackLivesMatter


Screen Shot 2015-07-31 at 10.43.57 PMDid you know that #AllLivesMatter is racist?

I don’t like rude people or bullies.  Black Lives Matter started out as a good thing.  They had a reason for their movement.  Then, they morphed into insufferable bores, bullies, and have harmed their movement by being so very, very rude.  After the most recent harassment of a POTUS discussion between Bernie Sanders and Martin O’Malley, they blew it.  When they chose as a spokesperson, a young woman who was a convicted embezzler, to attack the two men, they blurred the thin line between protest and thuggery.

This is what one former supporter said of the group:

“...Here’s the thing. The optics are embarrassing for BLM and for Sanders and for the Democratic party as a whole. Furthermore, these tactics only serves to alienate people. Frankly, they turned me off, and I’m sure I’m not the only one.

Their tactics make them appear aggressive and self-centered and rude (possibly even bullying). How would BLM leaders feel, if they are discussing the deaths of black americans , someone got up and shouted incessantly about global warming though out the entire speech? Surely, global warming is an important issue. Surely, it is an urgent issue. Surely, it affects the lives of millions of not billions. Surely, it’s an issue that requires speaking truth to power. Does that make it OK to interrupt a speech by an ally on another issue, and shout all the way through the speech? I don’t think so. Everyone who thinks that BLM was right to do what it did to Sanders should be OK with this scenario…”

Then there was their ‘stare-in’ in various restaurants in NYC last winter.  They are rude, their language is not what it should be, and they have no respect for anyone.  They did not even have respect during an MLK Day eventEvidently their behavior is starting to annoy even the most ardent leftists and supporters of Bernie Sanders.  What is rather fascinating is they are starting to eat their own, which isn’t such a bad idea.

Down Trend
Down Trend

A funny thing happened on the way to writing this post.  I was doing it on the rude behavior of a group of obnoxious Millennials who had more time and money on their hands than they do manners.  Instead, what I found is shocking.  In fact,  what I found is absolutely shocking.   

“...We’re being told that oWe are living in an epoch different than those faced by the past people of African descent in the United States. We are neither fighting against chattel-slavery, nor are we fighting Jim Crow apartheid. Today the struggle for Black Liberation is a neocolonial struggle. Neocolonial because while Blacks are de facto colonized by US White settler-colonialism, and still de facto have a colonial relation to the US State and ruling class, it is no longer a mere legal struggle (de jure) against second class citizenship as it was under Jim Crow Apartheid. Today the struggle is far more complex than the Civil Rights Movement. While today many are wondering if we need a new Civil Rights Movement, they are failing to understand the concrete conjuncture we are living in today and are not adjusting to the new political landscape accordingly. We have already won civil rights. Blacks are no longer de jure second class citizens. Fifty years later we now have ‘civil’ Blacks: more black police officers and police chiefs, more Blacks in higher education, more Black CEOs, and ultimately a half-Black president. Yet we are still fighting a new beast, a subtle genocide.nly white supremacists are violent, evil, and racist.  …”

These are very well educated and fairly privileged young people.  They are also at war with certain groups of communists and anarchists who appear to be the real troublemakersThere are some very bad actors out there, very bad.  There is also the beginnings of what is going to be a very nasty war among Bernie Sanders supporters.  There is a very nasty war of double standards.  A blog called White Agenda Report would be labeled as hate.

All lives matter.  To say that it is racist to say such a thing, and that anyone who is saying it is trying to change the subject and is racist for doing just that.  There’s a serious problem I see with the group who are the backbone of #BlackLivesMatter.  They’re young, well-educated, very much middle class, many of them either still in college or just out of college.  I suspect we can make an assumption that they are supported by their parents, are in debt up to the wazoo, and are rebelling, in part, against their parents.  Raised on very important stories of the real fight for Civil Rights and desegregation I suspect some feel the need to prove themselves, rather like some Hemmingwayisk coming of age novel where the youth must go out and battle a shark, or shoot some damn lion, or what every they need to slay, metaphorically.

If it sounds like I have no respect for them, I don’t.  I respect people who stand up for what they believe.  I respect the process.  I have no regard or consideration for spoiled, obnoxious, entitled, snotty, bullies who think the world must scrape and bow to them.  They are brats.

I don’t like protests, marches, sit-ins, stare-ins, or any form of ‘protest’ which is rude, crude, and treats people who have done nothing wrong, like criminals.  But, when you have a political movement which appears to be allying themselves with Greens, Anarchists, and so-called Communists who seek violent revolution, then no, I don’t like them.  I don’t trust them. I think they are trouble.  When I read that there are some who have sympathy for various Islamic causes, something is wrong.  We are a fingernail away from what could be very bad.

Do I say this because of race?  Nope, I’ve been watching and writing about white supremacists for nearly a decade.  I watched the beginning of a movement, almost from its conception, back in 1998.  I’ve seen something grow, from a handful of very well intentioned ranchers to borderline insurrection.  I did not like what they did, and started researching and writing about it.  I don’t like what I’m seeing with #BlackLivesMatter.  Same song, same verse, just different vocalists in a different night club.

My honest assessment of this entire movement is that we are looking at a group of activists disparately in search of relevancy.  Would someone please explain why the NAACP feels the need for a 40 day march from Alabama to DC other than to raise money, and attract attention?  We evil and racist whites have been told that the so-called New Jim Crow Laws (please, where are they) are a result of Southern whites rebelling against Barack Obama.

Is it possible one of the very real problem is the left and the Dems are starting to lose control of a very important voting block, and must manipulate the situation to regain control? I know it is quite cynical of me, but it is rather fascinating the way things work.