Screen Shot 2015-06-02 at 10.31.56 PMLife is strange.  Some people say it sucks, other say it’s a bitch.  It’s a little of both.  But, there is something life throws at you, every once in awhile – and that is a true friend. True friends are rare.  They know you.  They know you and they put up with all your crap, the way you know them, and put up with their crap.  They get pissed with you.  You get pissed with them.  But, in the end, your bury the hatchet, often in each other’s back, and come out laughing at how stupid you’ve been.  A real friend is someone who has heart the very worst lies which could possibly be told about you, and ignored them.

People like my mother are reticent about making friends.  She lost her BFF to cancer, nearly 12 years ago.  Instead of going back out there, and cultivating a new friendship, she has mourned her friend’s loss.  I was fussing at her Wednesday night.  She will never have a friend like Miss Ef.  But, you still allow people into your life.

I was talking to a friend, Thursday morning.  You don’t need friends when times are good.  You need them when times are bad.  You need them to cry with you, be angry with you, and then say enough is enough, and get your act together.  You need someone to tell you go bury St. Joseph in front of the property you are trying to sell. Or  they go above and beyond, and send you a care package of M&Ms!

All in all, I only have a couple friends I go above and beyond to help.  Maybe because I’m not that good a person.  It’s like that old Seinfeld episode about moving.  Only special friends help you move.  Only special friends can shake you up and literally force you to clean up your act when you need to have a garage sale.

There’s that old line from A Streetcar Named Desire, where Blanch Dubois says she has always relied on the kindness of strangers.  Strangers can be wonderful, but they can afford to be kind.  They don’t know you. It is when someone knows all your faults and are still there – that’s a friend.  The internet is a strange generator of friends. Some of the people I am closest to, I met online.

Currently, I may not have a lot of spending money, but, I am incredibly wealthy because of very special friends.  They come and go, but they are there – an embarrassment of riches.  Let’s also clear the air and say that someone who gets pissed off because of something little, and tells the whole world about it is not a real friend.  Relative, maybe, but not a friend.  When you have a friend and you are ticked with them, you don’t humiliate them,  You love them, and sometimes just walk away for awhile.  If they are a real friend, like a yo-yo, they bounce back.

A real friend doesn’t betray you. And, no, I have no reason for this post today, other than I started thinking about it.  I started thinking about something a friend told me.  It made me feel bad.  But, it caused me to try and examining what makes a good friend.

I really don’t know.

Do you?