Sunday Morning Opera: Keenlyside Returns


Screen Shot 2015-08-08 at 5.57.17 AMAnyone who is a baritone freak  the way your humble blogger is, okay, let’s call it what it is, a baritone junkie, knows that Simon Keenlyside has been sidelined to rest his voice.  This week it has been announced that he is doing great and is back on schedule.  He will not, though, be doing Rigoletto at the Met, this year. I love his Mozart. It also reminds me there are times when you just need a little bit of Don Giovanni. Simon’s Giovanni is wonderful.

Keenlyside is an interesting person.  He and his family live on a farm in Wales.  He does the whole nature thing, into animals, and is an extremely dedicated spouse and father. He has been off-stage for most of 2015.  Let’s hope and pray he has recovered.

For unrepentant baritone junkies like moi, Keenlyside is what we call a barihunk.


One thought on “Sunday Morning Opera: Keenlyside Returns

  1. Delurking again. I loved Keenlyside’s performance in the Met’s 2010 broadcast version of Ambroise Thomas’s Hamlet. I was also impressed with American baritone David Pittsinger as King Claudius’s ghost. There is another baritone worth listening to, the German bass baritone Thomas Quasthoff.

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