Manners Do Matter


Screen Shot 2015-07-31 at 10.43.57 PMBefore we get started about manners, Donald Trump has reached the point where he thinks he does not need them.  I suspect, like many in his position, when you become rich and famous, your narcissism clicks in.  Manners are optional, right?

Once again #BlackLivesMatter have shouted Bernie Sanders off the stage and shut down one of his rallies. Aside from the fact that they have diminished our democratic process by what they have done, they have exposed a serious weakness in Bernie Sanders.  If he doesn’t have the guts to stand up to them on the campaign trail, how can we expect him to stand up against our enemies?

Manners matter.  Manners matter because they are about how we relate to one another. Civility is important in maintaining a society and a nation.  If we don’t have manners, we can’t respect one another.  If we don’t respect one another then we’re little more than savages.

#BlackLivesMatter is a good idea.  It is important to try and do something about the way black individuals, especially young black males, are being mowed down by out-of-control cops.  But, they’re now going about it all wrong.  They are starting to hurt their cause.

I love activism.  Nothing is more fun that fighting for a cause, standing up for what you think is right, and winning a battle.  Been there and done that. I wouldn’t take anything for the fight, the victory, or the experience.  But, there is a right way of doing things and a wrong way.  Like Code Pink #BlackLivesMatter is going about it all wrong. They are already starting to marginalize their cause because they are marginalizing themselves.  That could be the greatest tragedy of them all.

I was thinking about Coretta Scott King.  Opera is a funny thing.  It brings people from the oddest walks of life together.  For several years she had season tickets for the Metropolitan Opera, when it was on tour in Atlanta.  Her tickets were directly in front of those belonging to my mother and I.  You get to know people during intermission, before and after a performance, especially if you are there for six straight nights.  She was a lovely, gracious, kind, classy lady who always had the most amazing looking escorts.  The woman had been through hell.  She had every right to be bitter and nasty, but she was just the opposite.  She had a right to resent white people.  But, she did not.  She liked opera.  My mother and I liked opera.  We had a common ground.

You look for common ground. You don’t go about trying to destroy, but to build up, and make things better.  You can’t do that by behaving so badly you shut down a political rally of someone who is already on your side.

Very poorly done.


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  1. The interesting thing is that Coretta Scott King studied voice in Boston after she graduated from Antioch College, which has recently reopened in the original hometown, Yellow Springs, Ohio.

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