Obama, ISIS & World War III


Screen Shot 2015-08-14 at 1.01.45 AMThe Obama Administration is out of control when it comes to their rhetoric against Russia.  Now, outgoing Army Chief of Staff General Ray Odierno, is speaking his mind.  And, it is not complementary when it comes to the Commander-in-Chief.  First, the Army, he says, is in danger of being cut to the quick.  He has all but come out and said the reason we’re dealing with ISIS is because Obama cut troops in Iraq, against the advice of some of his military experts.  I’m beginning to now wonder if that’s now why we now have a bean-pushing incompetent as Secretary of Defense. Odierno’s comments are almost damning in his criticism of Obama.  Let’s face it,  Obama’s  policies are breeding terror.

Unfortunately, Odierno also expresses the Obama Administration’s almost suicidal party line damnation of Russia as far more dangerous than ISIS, which flies in the face of logic and reason.  It also flies in the face of reason, and the actual evidence.  Obama’s generals are terrifying in their support of what can only be World War III.  The media is supporting them, not even bothering to examine the evidence. It leads us with very uncomfortable questions the media is refusing to ask.

  1. Why is the Obama Administration backing Nazis in the Ukraine?
  2. Why did the Obama Administration stage a coup in the Ukraine?
  3. Why is the Obama Administration turning its back on the humanitarian crises in the Ukraine?
  4. Why is the Obama Administration encouraging full-scale war in the Ukraine?
  5. Why are young Ukrainians refusing to serve in their own army?
  6. Why is the Obama Administration allowing war crimes in the Ukraine by silence?
  7. Why is the Obama Administration ignoring what is going on in the Ukraine?
  8. Why is this country supporting very real Nazis in the Ukraine?
  9. Why does the Obama Administration appear to want World War III in the Ukraine?
  10. Why is the Obama Administration backing Ukraine when it is allying itself with ISIS?
  11. Why is the Obama Administration have its hand on the nuclear trigger in the Ukraine?
  12. Why is the Obama Administration lying about MH17?
  13. Why is the media both here in the US and in Canada supporting Ukrainian Nazis?
  14. Why did the Obama Administration destroy the Ukraine?

Try this:

“…So where lies and how much of the overall responsibility lies on the Barack Obama administration, the State Department, Deputy Secretary of State Victoria Nuland, US Ambassador to Ukraine Geoffrey Payet, and their numerous mouthpieces in the American think tank and journalistic community? Simple. The Maidan regime deliberately recruited criminal and neo-fascists in to the volunteer batalions and helped fund and arm neo-fascist groups like Right Sector that brought the regime to power. All this was openly discussed in the media and described by Maidan regime leaders such as President Petro Poroshenko, Prime Minister Arsenii Yatsenyuk, SBU chief Vitaliy Nalyvaichenko, MVD chief Arsen Avakov, neo-fascist Radical Party leader Oleh Lyashko, and Right Sector leader Dmitro Yarosh. While knowing full well that the Maidan regime was organizing and then had unleashed these and many other criminal and neo-fascist volunteer battalions on the Donbass people, they either denied or remained silent on the issue, as these units raped, killed, and mamed. Moreover, the same neo-fascists actually transformed the Maidan demonstrations from peaceful protest into a violent revolution and who seized power by force, deploying snipers to shoot at police and protestors.[8]

US officials have spent all of their energy covering up for the neo-fascist element in the Maidan revolt. For example, US Congressman Dana Rohrbacher inquired whether there were any neo-fascists on the Maidan –Nuland refused to respond to the question, and arrogantly repeated that there were “mothers, grandmothers, and veterans…all colors of Ukraine, including ugly colors” on the Maidan and that the violence is “subject to investigation.”[9] But, as I noted above and detailed elsewhere, the snipers were from the ranks of the neo-fascists, who have never been investigated for these crimes by any official entity in Washington, Brussels, or Kiev, despite one Estonian official’s “sense” that elements tied to the Maidan regime were behind the sniper attacks.[10] Nuland tries to insinuate that Russia was behind the sniper attacks by referring to “outside agitators” about whom there is “good evidence” of their role, she claims, though neither Washington, Brussels, nor Kiev has ever presented such evidence.[11] Thus, using its dual-use (regime change by transition or revolution), ‘democracy-promotion’ political technology, the West politically and financially supported forces that both sought to overthrow Yanukovich and thus paved the way for the neofascist-led overthrow of freely and fairly elected Ukrainian President Viktor Yanukovich…”

Let’s face it, there are two very unpleasant things going on here.  First, the Obama Administration is completely controlled by the military industrial complex. When one looks at the draconian cuts in the Army alone, there is only one logical answer.  If you do what Roosevelt did in the 1930s, and cut back drastically on the military, and then get Pearl Harbored, the US economy was saved by war.  Is this what they’re planning?  He is conducting what can only be described as a brutal war on the press and freedom of speech.  In fact, it is now vogue for good liberals to state that the First Amendment can go too far, and we should not be allowed to have all that much free speech.  Obama has sent our military into something like seven countries.

There is something else going on here.  Let’s face the fact that Obama can be petty and vindictive when crossed.  Putin crossed him.  I hope I am wrong, I truly do.  I voted for Obama in 2012 because I liked his foreign policy.  Then he appointed John Kerry as Secretary of State.  The country has gone downhill since then.