Say It Ain’t So, Joe


Screen Shot 2015-08-10 at 4.29.16 PMTo paraphrase those immortal words, the Democrats are going to need a bigger boat.

The moment word began circulating that Al Gore, inventor of the internet, was thinking about a run for the Democratic nomination for POTUS, anyone who knows an iota about politics knows that Hillary is in deep you-know-what. We’re talking blood in the water with the Great Whites circulating.  I’ve been saying, for months, now, the reason so many Republicans are attempting a run for POTUS is due to the fact that Hillary’s internals are not all that good.  Al Gore is an opportunistic feeder.  If he’s thinking about a run, then her campaign is like one of those poor seal decoys they use during Shark Week.

On Thursday, TNN (the Trump News Network, formerly known as CNN) began discussing Joe Biden fairly early with the legendary Carl Bernstein, who made more sense than anyone I’ve heard, in ages.  (It is here where I admit I came of age during the era of Woodward and Bernstein and consider them iconic.)

When CNN wasn’t discussing Donald Trump in gushing terms, basically preparing for his inauguration, they were discussing how difficult it would be for Joe Biden to handle running for POTUS, while he was grieving the tragic death of his son, Beau, who recently lost his battle with brain cancer.  That alone is so insane on so many levels it is enough to make a person fairly angry.

Have you ever dealt with a tragic illness that resulted in the demise of a loved one? I have.  We lost my father to Alzheimer’s Disease in October.  I know, from heart-breaking experience, once you get over the shock of a horrific diagnosis, you grieve.   You grieve every day as you watch them fade just a little more, to the point where, when they have lost that battle, it is a shocker.  Then, it is over, as quickly as it began.  You are exhausted, emotionally, and usually financially.  But, you also realize that you must get on with your life and deal with the new normal.  We’re not living in the Victorian age, where mourning became a cottage industry where the drapes are shut, and you wear black for a certain amount of time.  You hurt, and your heart breaks, but you move ahead with your life.  It is rather amazing that the punditry doesn’t quite grasp the fact that Joe Biden needs to move on with his life.  Like my mother’s brother, he is no stranger to heart-break and tragedy.  More than anyone else, he knows how to get on with his life.

Right now the Biden family is in South Carolina, making just that decision.  I think it has already been made, and the idiocy from various news sources is their way of trying to protect Hillary.  Like Carl Bernstein said, if Biden wants in, and does it right, the nomination is his. There are those, myself included, who think Trump’s run is a put-up job, the same way Ross Perot’s was, back in 1992.  It’s about Bill Clinton manipulating the system so that he and his can come out on top.  The problem is those pesky emails, the gift which keeps on giving.

And, so Joe Biden is in South Carolina, with his family, and Strom Thurmond, Jr.  On the surface that is not important. Scratch the surface a little and both Hillary and Bernie are like those fake seal decoys just sitting there, waiting for the apex predator to come bite them in half.  It is a thing of beauty.  According to the punditry, Biden doesn’t have the organization to take Iowa.  Right now, Iowa belongs to Hillary.

A lot is being made of Bernie Sanders, but scuttlebutt is his enthusiastic college audience, his 99% lily white audience is not all it seems.  You don’t build a campaign on college students.  Oh, you can, but they are a fickle lot, especially if the rumors are true and someone is handing out cold hard cash to get them to attend his rallies.

This is where Donald Trump comes in.  He is pulling the usual Ross Perot bust-head crowd, malcontents, and pissed-off Democrats.  If someone like Joe Biden decides to run, Trump is toast.  If by some completely insane alignment of the stars, he is the GOP nominee, Biden wins.  Now, back to the primaries.

New Hampshire basically belongs to Sanders due to the favorite son thingie. That’s okay.  Both Iowa and New Hampshire are proving to be outliers, and like Bernstein said, usually don’t mean much, eventually.  The real battle for the heart and soul of the nomination begins in South Carolina.  According to Hillary’s people (CNN) she has the state in the bag.   Wrong…. Hillary Clinton is hated in South Carolina, even by the Dems.  If Joe Biden steps in, he will take the primary.

Super Tuesday comes next.  If you think either Hillary or Bernie are going to be able to pull off a top-heavy Southern Super Tuesday, I have oceanfront property in Yuma I can sell, at a good price.  I don’t see either Hillary or Bernie pulling off Super Tuesday in the South, if Joe Biden is in it.   You pull out a good Super Tuesday, and the nomination is almost secure.  I can see Biden doing that.

This has been a miserable Silly Season.  If Biden get in, it’s going to be fun, again.  As far as the GOP, I still think Mittens is going to ride in to a brokered convention and end up as the nominee.