Monsters of the Kid


Screen Shot 2015-07-18 at 12.46.50 PMI was channel surfing the other day, and landed on one of these truly annoying shows about Alaska.  First, why on earth is anyone watching this you-know-what?  It’s boring, reputations, and just how many innocent little animals can you stand being slaughtered so some narcissistic bust-head can live some narcissistic holier-than-thou fantasy of being on their own.  Once again this nation’s abject ignorance of history comes into play.  No, our ancestors did not seek out this way of life, intentionally.  One of the reasons why ‘mountain men’ like Kit Carson are so celebrated, even today is because so very few people even during the pioneer days lived that specific life.  The only reason why people like Jim Bridger and other trappers chose to live that life was due to the fact that the furs industry made people rich.  It wasn’t because they wanted to live a back-to-basics life.

What started this rant and rave was listening to a couple who chose some slum of a houseboat on the middle of a frozen lake in the middle of nowhere in Alaska.  It was perfect for raising children?  To get to their dream houseboat there was over a hundred mile trek by snowmobile.  Fools like that should not be allowed to breed.  If they do, they should have their children taken away from them until they come to their senses and realize that what they are doing is nothing less than abuse.

Of course they have no electricity.  There is no internet.  There are no computers.  There is no medical facility.  When there is an emergency, there is no way to get their children to a doctor. Of course these narcissistic bust-heads will home school with a sub-par education.  Their children will be raised in a deprived world where their children are allowed to have no rights, only to submit to the obviously abusive will of their parents.  They will be raised in a world so deprived of modern standards and interactions with society that they will not even be able to cope with a public school in the middle of nowhere, let alone a big-city university, which they will never qualify to enter.  Their children will be raised in a situation that is as deprived that the worst slums of this country.

I guess I look at it from the eyes of a child who was uprooted from a wonderful home in South Florida and moved to the middle of the Old South, in rural South Carolina.  If we went to a movie, we were required to drive 120 miles of back roads, something like a three hour trip to Atlanta, until I-85 was finished.  As children we did not have access to the same things our cousins who lived in Florida did.  My sister was so young when we moved that she never know the difference.  I did.  I resent it to this day.  I am currently living in rural New Mexico, which was my choice.  If I had children, I would not be living where I am.  The schools are sub-standard, drugs plentiful, and there is nothing for a kid to do except either get in trouble or get pregnant.

Parents shouldn’t be allowed to do this to children.

Okay, the real reason for the rant was something I watched on ID.  I am a compulsive ID watcher.  It’s better than a good murder mystery, which I am attempting to write.  (I’m on my 8th, BTW, and need to be prepping for publication instead of writing.)  The episode of Evil Kin I was watching was about two kids, raised Jehovah’s Witness, who turned out to be murderous monsters.  Their parents were so strict and and so repressive two of their three sons rebelled and eventually slaughtered the rest of the family.  I watched another show about an extremely strict and protective mother who was murdered by her two children, who rebelled. Then there is the tale of the young man who was sent to one of the most abusive wilderness programs, ever.  He was rebelling.  He may or may not have killed his mother.

We know that pedophiles do not appear in a bubble.  They do not spring forth full grown, and suddenly begin molesting children the way Josh Duggar did when he was a young teen.  They must first be molested, themselves. You show me a pedophile, and I’ll show you an extremely damaged person.  As someone who was molested as a child, my heart aches for that innocent child who was destroyed.  It is also the end of my sympathy for them, and the beginning of my wrath and contempt for the person who created the monster.

Monstrous individuals are rarely born.  There are instances where they have been, but usually something has happened to them as a child. Even Hannibal Lector has a tragic back-story.  It goes back to the old evil seed theory, nature verses nurture.  According to the latest studies, it is a draw.  If the latest studies show that nurture is just as important as nature, then it looks like parents have a hand in creating monsters.

There are children who are borderline.  They could go either way.  You take a head-strong child with a parent who is determined that they aren’t going to make her mistakes, and it is a recipe for disaster.   Studies are now beginning to show that overly strict, controlling parents risk raising seriously delinquent teens, or seriously depressed adults.  Parents have a tendency to create the situation of violence within the context of the family by the way they parent.   Fascinatingly, the situations I’ve cited are parents who did not chose proper counseling for their family problems, instead turning, quite often, to authoritarian religious institutions. Jehovah’s Witness is increasingly being exposed as a highly abusive cult.  Far right patriarchal ‘christian’ organizations have the same abusive tactics.  Children are molded and destroyed.

Children need discipline.  But, they also need to be raised in an environment which does not deprive them of the beauty of the world. No, I’m not talking about nature.  Children need to be raised in a world of classical music, opera, museums, art, good literature, and baseball.  Forcing them to spend every darn summer until they are old enough to balk in the mountains is borderline abuse, or at least I always thought it was, and still do.   It is so very wrong to force them to live in a deprived situation where they will be stigmatized their entire lives.

I saw an ad for another of those disgusting shows about barbarians who live in the middle of nowhere in Alaska.  They were little more than animals, raising  son so socially deprived and uncouth a matchmaker had to be called in, to try and find some disparate woman who would marry him. People who do that, should not be allowed to reproduce.