Those Pesky GOP Polls


Screen Shot 2015-08-10 at 4.29.16 PMOver at the Trump News Network, formerly CNN, the punditry is waxing poetic because The Donald’s numbers for this week are something like 24%, with Jeb at 13%.  It’s over.  He’s won, start the coronation.  There’s just one pesky little reality check.  This time in 2011, Rick Perry was pulling 29% and Mitt Romney had 17%.  Ron Paul was where Ben Carson is at 9%.

The moral of the story – history’s a bitch, then Trump acts like one.  The other moral to this story is, if history is any indication, my money’s on Jeb.  Yes, I support Lindsey, but I do know the lessons of history.

In 2007:

“…Rudy Giuliani 29%, Fred Thompson 14%, Mitt Romney 11%, John McCain 7%, Newt Gingrich 5%, Mike Huckabee 3%, Ron Paul 3%, Sam Brownback 1%, Tom Tancredo 1%, Chuck Hagel 0%, Duncan Hunter 0%, Other (vol.) 1%, Unsure 23%, Wouldn’t vote (vol.) 3%…”

Those are the recent trends.  In 1999 George W. Bush was ahead.  The real news here is that Trump is not winning.  I expect it to be over by January.