Racism & Foul Mouthed Children


Screen Shot 2015-07-31 at 10.43.57 PMI saw an article about an ad, featuring ‘adorable’ but ‘foul mouthed’ children using the F-bomb to describe people who are racists.  Of course I left a comment.  The response to my comment was it was better for children to use the F-bomb than be racists.  I’m sorry, but allowing a child to use that specific word, for professional and entertainment reasons should be illegal.  It is child abuse.  It also shows how badly our culture has degraded.

How can a parent even allow a child to do something like this?

I asked that question.  I was told there were things worse, like racism.  The left, in this country is being manipulated and used by an agenda, which makes no sense, other than to use that horrible phrase ‘race baiting’.  There, I said it.  Something is terribly out of control here.

Racism is not the worst ill of the world.  It isn’t even close. Racism is a fact of life.  Anyone who says they are not racist, and are not biased are lying, not only to others but to themselves.  I recently read an article where a study was done about people who said they were not biased.  Evidently those who say they aren’t are the most biased of them all.

I’m beginning to suspect that the anti-racism game is a good gig, rather like being a televangelist. There is something inherently dishonest about part of the movement, which is manipulated by political operatives.  They are inherently and hopelessly biased and extremely racist in their hatred of people who happen to be the same skin color as am I.  I’m seeing it way too often.  We’re told we’re racist, simply because we’re born white.  I’ve heard it.  I’ve seen them.  I listened to the hatred being spewed, on Wednesday evening, just because an EMT told a young woman an incident was not racist, that cops had done what they did, by the book.  Just the fact that the cops were white, and the mentally ill man they subdued was black was enough to hurl insults and accusations at anyone who disagreed with her.  Facts id not matter. The only thing that mattered was her inherent racism against white cops.

Do people stop hiding their racism?  That’s not a good thing.  I want to know who a person is, and what they believe.  I don’t want it hidden. And, I am loath to mention this, but I’m not going to cease interaction with someone who is a racist – as long as that person is capable of over-coming their bias and be fair.

Fairness is the key.  I have more respect for someone who goes out and flies their dorky Confederate flag, and is capable of treating those around him/her with fairness and equity, than someone who says they aren’t a racist, and that everyone else of a different race is.  The hallmark of a truly great individual is the ability to over-come inherent bias and treat all people the same.

In order to damn anyone who happens to wear a Confederate baseball cap or be from the South, children are being used to make commercials which are deplorable.  I found the language so offensive, I quit watching it.  It was nothing short of child abuse.  I can’t conceptualize anyone who even thinks it is acceptable.  It is corrupting a child.  Destroying the fragile innocence of a child is far worse than racism.  What bothers me is the fact that people no longer consider the innocence of a child to be of any importance.  Frankly, I can deal with a racist.  I refuse to deal with people who don’t give a damn about our children.

There are many things worse than racism.  Corrupting a minor is one of those things.  Destroying the innocence of a child, while it is not a crime, is immoral.  But, that doesn’t matter if it will allow people to discuss racism, right?