Racism, Bias, Prejudice & History


Screen Shot 2015-07-31 at 10.43.57 PMRacism as evil is a strange thing. It has been the basis of genocide since the beginning of time. Funny thing about that. I suspect, if we were to do a cold-blooded examination of the the evil by-products of racism, it isn’t racism per se that is ‘evil’, but the actions created by the manipulation of racism. People can be manipulated. Studies have shown, repeatedly, that even well-intentioned men and women can be manipulated into doing very dark and malicious things. Evil individuals, who perpetrate racism, are using it as a tool, a means to an ambitious end. Truly evil individuals are masters of reading human nature, manipulating, and exploiting it for their own advancement. They don’t care who is destroyed. They are psychopaths.

Unfortunately, ‘evil’ is a relative term, completely subjective. When I see people listing George W. Bush on as one of the most evil individuals of modern times, I know they are abjectly ignorant, biased, prejudiced, and stupid people who are incapable of truly understanding what evil is.

Elliot D. Cohen, wrote, in Psychology Today:

“…People are not evil because they have done bad things or else we’d all be evil. As Aristotle maintained, being evil portends a persistent habit of doing bad things. Moreover, evil people know that what they are doing is bad but choose to do so anyway. They therefore act with malicious intent. Moreover, evil people typically care little or not at all that what they are doing is or may be harmful to others; and some evil people even derive sadistic pleasure from it. Moreover, some evil people are very cunning and can disguise their evil intentions and lack of regard for others. These individuals may be con artists or even charming rapists or murderers. Of course, there are degrees of evil and some evil people are not as evil as others. For example, it is arguable that a person willing to kill you and be amused by it is more evil than a person who is only willing to steal your money. ..”

In many ways, ‘evil’ is a relative term. Synonyms are … wicked, bad, wrong, immoral, sinful, foul, vile, dishonorable, corrupt, iniquitous, depraved, reprobate, villainous, nefarious, vicious, malicious; malevolent, sinister, demonic, devilish, diabolical, fiendish, dark; monstrous, shocking, despicable, atrocious, heinous, odious, contemptible, horrible, execrable

This brings us to the problem of racism.

According to our current version of American pop culture politically correct society, nothing is worse than racism. It is a tool, now being used to destroy, break, and attempt to rebuild a society in the image of something completely impossible. If someone rejects the #BlackLivesMatter as biased and racist, that person is to be destroyed as a racist, never mind that 64% of blacks in America prefer #AllLiveMatter. Only 31% prefer #BlackLivesMatter. Anyone who knows anything about politics knows if you can’t pull between 32-35% on a cause or a candidate, you have a losing issue. In Gallup’s most recent poll about life in the US, only 9% of Americans see racism – race relations as our biggest problem.

Racism is a funny thing. Both the Nation of Islam and the KKK are recognized as hate groups. There is a tremendous amount of time/press spent on how powerful and bad the KKK is, yet there are maybe about 5,000 members, nationally. Yet, estimates of membership in the Nation of Islam range anywhere from 12,000 to 60,000 with some estimates that there are over 100,000 members.

We’re being told that, if you are white, you are racist. I’m sorry, but I’m not racist. I may be biased – about many things, but I am not a racist. In fact, I pride myself on not being racist. Bias is not about racism. I freely admit I am biased against country music. I loath it. I loath gospel and religious music. I am an opera freak. The greatest bias in my life, the greatest prejudice is when it comes to music. I am intolerant of country music. I am intolerant of anyone listening to it, or to gospel and religious music. I am so nasty about it, I have no problem venting my prejudice against it. The only thing I find more repulsive is football. I can appreciate some disgusting country music singer’s voice and talent. I don’t appreciate the repulsive music. I can appreciate a football player’s alleged athletic talent, but I detest football. I love baseball.

When it comes to humanity, I have a distinct genetic bias and prejudice against anyone or anything French. I’m basically a Brit. If I’m around the French for very long, I start thinking about how they sold out to Hitler, and we had to go liberate them. Then I start thinking about ballet, which I loath. This leads me to Henry V and Agincourt. I had an ancestor who was knighted there, on the field of battle, for saving Henry’s life. I suspect, in order for my Clements ancestor to do what he did, he had to take the life of someone who was French.

Now, this is where it gets a little sticky. If you are black and from France, well, you are the same as white and French. You’re French. But, it’s okay. The French loath me. I look so British, if I’m in a restaurant, owned by someone French, I will be treated like dirt. Doesn’t bother me. Consider the source. The person is French. They are the scum below the dirt when it comes to pond scum. They don’t bathe. They’re rude. They don’t wear deodorant. They’re a sniveling, piss-poor excuse for humanity.

That’s bias.
It’s prejudice.
It’s irrational.
It’s insane.
I have no plans to reform my intense dislike of the French.

It is, though, not racist. My good taste in disliking the French does not preclude me from treating someone who is French with anything less than respect, dignity, and fairness. I don’t do that. I attempt to treat everyone that way, always with respect, until they do something that causes me not to have respect for them.

Racism is a horrible thing.  It is not, thought, the most evil thing in the world.  There are things far worse.  Trust me, I know.  I think pedophilia is worse.  Murder is worse.  Destroying the life of an innocent is worse.  People can be racist, an not be evil.  A person can be completely unbiased and be abjectly evil.  Racism is only evil when a person acts on their hate.