Leave It to Lindsey


Screen Shot 2015-05-14 at 12.31.01 AM“…”He’s shallow. He’s ill-prepared to be commander in chief,” Graham said. “He doesn’t know what he’s talking about in terms of how our laws work. He says the worst things possible about immigrants and women. And he’s a complete idiot about Mideast policy.”..”

I’m so proud of Lindsey!  He has finally stooped to my level and has used my favorite word to describe someone by calling Donald Trump an idiot. Evidently Lindsey is the only person in the GOP who has the courage to stand up and call out the Donald for what he is – an idiot.  On Tuesday morning, he unloaded, with both barrels.  Frankly, I’ve been wanting to see Lindsey do something like this since 1994.  Let’s put it this way, if Lindsey decides to take out Donald Trump, my money is on Lindsey.  I know him.  I’ve seen him in action.  I know what he’s capable of doing.  If he wants to play David verses Goliath, it’s not going to be pretty.  He will take him down, with a resounding thud.

“…“Twenty-five percent of our party that probably thinks Obama was born in Kenya or wants to believe that. There’s 25 percent of our party wants him to be a Muslim because they hate him so much,” Graham said. “So, there’s a dark side of politics that Mr. Trump is appealing to.”…”The leader of our party has come up with a deportation plan that is Joseph McCarthy-like and he is saying things about Megyn Kelly and other women that are digging a big hole. And the chairman of our party said Trump was a net positive. Let me tell you, I think he’s hurting our party.”…”

Trump is becoming nastier and nastier, egotistical, and mean spirited.  David Duke likes him, so that should say it all.  We all know he was put there to monkey wrench the process, and it is now out of control.  He is going to destroy the GOP. I read somewhere that Trump represented the Kardasianing of American politics.  That is NOT a good thing. I’ve said it before, and I will say it again.  Trump is running his campaign via very well done profiling of the combination of the worst of the libertarians, tea party freaks, and extreme right racists. We all know Lindsey is the best person for the job.


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  1. Calling Trump an idiot is the most intelligent statement I’ve heard from any of the GOP candidates.

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