When Is a Hate Crime Not a Hate Crime?


Screen Shot 2015-07-31 at 10.43.57 PMHate crimes are funny things.  Evidently they are only hate crimes when they are perpetrated against certain minority groups, by members of the majority.  When a member of a minority group murders two reporters in cold blood as revenge for what happened in Charleston, it is not a hate crime.  Instead, the killer is considered disturbed, which he was.  So is the Charleston killer. The man wanted to create a race war, but that doesn’t matter.  Just read the comments.  It’s okay.  He killed white people. I gather only black lives matter.  Frankly, this whole movement is starting to be seriously sick and seriously disturbed.

It is absolutely fascinating how this is being played in the news.  He was mentally unbalanced.  So is Dylann Root.  But, because Root is a white supremacist, he is not allowed the luxury of being mentally ill.  Instead, what he did was pure hate, which it was.  What Bryce Williams Lester Flannigan did today was pure dripping hate.  but, no one will admit it. His suicide note said it was a race war.  That is a hate crime.

This is not a post about hate crimes.  It is a post about how people view hate crimes. It is also about how badly fragmented our country now is.  The right blames it on the left, and the left blames it on the right.  Race relations are just another victim.  Unfortunately, and quite tragically, there is a very good reason for the hatred the right has for the left and the left has for the right.  We’re being used and manipulated.  It’s that simple.

Bill Gothard’s lovely little ATI bunch, with such wholesome people like the Duggars, have helped spread the Gospel of Character.  Character brainwashing is status quo for almost every municipality, law enforcement agency, federal agency, military, and major corporation. If that wasn’t bad enough, when you add Jane Elliott’s sadistic diversity training, which had done nothing but make race relations worse in this country, we have a very serious problem. The same people who have been subjected to character brainwashing are then subjected to the sadistic abuse of damning all white people as racists, and having their psyche destroyed so they can understand what it is like to be a minority.

Instead of learning tolerance, we’re not being taught that people are not the same, are not equal, and do not have the same rights as others.  Those of us who are white are being told, according to the likes of Jane Elliott (more about her on Friday) that we are so bigoted that we must be broken and turned into ‘almost people’ in order to be more tolerant.   There is just something so wrong with all of this.   The real bottom line here is that people who are mentally ill should not be allowed near a gun, knife, or any other weapon which could hurt people.

I am rapidly learning that those who talk a good game about tolerance are the least.  Those who claim to be tolerant, and condemn the rest of us to accusations of bigotry and racism are rude, intolerant, and nasty.  They are self-righteous bullies who know more than anyone else.   When you encounter them on social media, they have become so obnoxious, I’ve stopped commenting about articles, and limit my tweets.  When tolerance becomes that tolerant, and the tolerant become vile bullies determined to cast a pall on freedom of speech and expression in the name of their version of tolerance, then we are all the poorer for it.

What happened on Tuesday was as much a hate crime as what happened in Charleston.  The mentally ill killer was as disturbed as the killer in Charleston or in Chattanooga.  But, we have a serious problem in this country with the perception of hate.  Evidently it only applies to certain groups of people.  All others are fair game, tuff stuff and all.