The Freedom to Offend


Screen Shot 2015-07-04 at 12.57.08 PMSeveral weeks ago, I left a comment about those who think the Confederate flag should be banned.  One of the greatest miscalculations I’ve seen in many years is the way the far left tolerance machine has come down against anyone who dares express any form of support for their Southern ‘heritage’ (what ever that is).  Anyone who flies a Confederate flag is a white supremacist bigot who had no tolerance for the feelings of those who are offended and hurt by what the Confederate flag represents.

I wrote:

According to SCOTUS a person has a legal right to shout fire in a crowded theater. There is no difference. The Confederate flag should NOT be banned or even considered a hate crime. What do you ban next? Do you then ban the POW-MIA flag some jerk said is racist? Do you ban the Christian flag because the SPLC says the Family Research Council is a hate group? Sorry but when you start banning things because they are offensive then we surrender our Bill of Rights. Maybe it’s time to decide if you want to live in a free society where everyone’s rights are protected or in a society where only the rights of a chosen few are protected? Perhaps those offered need a refresher course on the rights of everyone, not just them

It’s all about the Confederate flag and those who oppose those who oppose it.  According to the Constitution, idiots who want to to fly the Confederate flag, and protest not being able to fly it (not that anyone has said they couldn’t) have a right to make fools of themselves, and not be harassed by people who don’t want them to have that right.

What do you want to do? Have them stripped of their citizenship and marched into a concentration camp? You realize the hate speech aimed at a bunch of jerks is beginning to sound like some sort of fascism. Maybe they think the same thing about you. And – they have that right. The difference in a civilized country is that we are allowed to be who and what we are, and express ourselves – legally, and not be damned or harassed when we do.

If you don’t understand freedom, you need a refresher course on the Constitution. What did the person do wrong other than act like a jerk because of a stupid flag? The man who wanted it down had NO RIGHT to go into her house, knock her down, and take the flag. It was flying, not outside, but in her house. Frankly, she needs to file a lawsuit against the jerk and ruin him for assaulting her.

We live in a country were people have a right to have inside their homes what they want, as long as it is not illegal. Has the hatred of anything which might cause discomfort gone so far that it is now acceptable for a man to barge into a woman’s house, knock her down, and take down her political statement?

You know, they did this in Germany, once upon a time.

I grew up in South Carolina.  There were a few idiots who flew the Confederate flag, but not all that many.  It wasn’t until the politically correct and culturally diverse crowd began demanding the flag be banned as a symbol of hate that people began flying it. The real problem with the culturally diverse and tolerant crowd is that they don’t realize other people have rights.  The average idiot who is flying the Confederate flag is not a racist.  They’re just people who want to fly the stupid flag.  They don’t quite comprehend the fact that they aren’t sophisticated enough to understand those who don’t want them to fly the damn flag have more rights than they do.  Thanks to sadistic monsters like Jane Elliott, anyone who is white, from the South, and flies the idiotic flag is automatically a racist.  They are tried and condemned simply because a few truly disturbed individuals like Jane Elliott think anyone who is white is automatically a monster.

It’s too bad those who are so terribly offended, and rightly so, don’t realize that they are offending others who can’t for the life of them, understand why they’re so upset. Thanks to political correctness and diversity brainwashing, our society has absolved itself of the need to put ourselves in the other person’s place. That is a sign of a truly tolerant and diverse culture.  Ours is neither.  I think we were well on the way to becoming that culture, then the diversity bigots began stepping in to demand that one group of people be turned into ‘almost people’ in order to lift up another group.  This is what is happening in our country.  It is going to backfire. One of these days some little kid is going to start laughing at the politically correct emperor and point out that he/she is naked.

We’re getting there.




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  1. The flag is the Battle Flag of the Army of Northern Virginia. It was a regimental flag of Robert E. Lee during the Civil War. Why is this flag anymore idiotic than any other regimental flag? Why are the people who want to fly more stupid than those who want to fly the rainbow flag? You can do better than this post. Actually, you sound like the average idiot your are bitching about.

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