The Hypocrisy of It All


Screen Shot 2015-07-18 at 12.46.50 PMIn Kentucky a self-righteous clerk of court has refused to issue marriage license to a gay couple. She’s now in contempt of federal court.  An elected official, she cannot be fired.  She can be impeached, but that must go through the state legislature, and they’re not in session.  The only other way she can be removed from office is to lose her next election. She’s an elected official. According to state laws, unless she is impeached, or loses the next election, what she does is what she does. It doesn’t matter if it is the law of the land. She is wrong, but don’t expect her to budge. She will proudly go to jail. She then becomes a martyr to the cause, and a local celebrity. Don’t even use reason or logic here. Think pig-headed, not all that bright, old-fashioned mountain folk dug-in, and you will understand. Think Granny Clampett and you have a better idea.

I understand people like Kim Davis.  Where she lives is way up in coal country. It’s not all that religious, which is strange. It is fairly close to WV. She’s playing to her constituency as strongly as any POTUS candidate would. She’s getting her 15 minutes of fame. I suspect, in her church she’s a hero. You can look at her. I don’t know how much you know about rural, small community county clerks, but they are entrenched. The only way to get rid of them is feet first. The more besieged she is, even if people don’t like her, they’re going to vote for her, because they don’t want big city people liberals telling them what to do.

I know the mind-set. Unfortunately, as a child and teen, I was forced to spend my summers way up in the mountains of rural NC because my family had a vacation home. These people are proud. They’re stubborn. If they think they’re right, blasting powder won’t cause them to budge. The more people complain, the stronger a person like Kim Davis becomes.  It is hot-wired into who she is.

This the reason I disagree with the anti-Confederate flag rhetoric. It is causing Southerners who would NEVER have defended it, to do so. It’s genetic, not social, nor political. None of this has much of anything to do with bigotry or racism, but pure, abject don’t tell me what to do. It’s all about psychology and knowing how to deal with pig-headed Scots-Irish. It wouldn’t matter what the cause is. If they’re told no, they’re going to defend it.

The Constitution has nothing to do with the mindset of Kim Davis. All you need to do is look at the hair, and what she’s wearing. She’s on a mission from her version of God. Nothing is going to sway her, not even threats of jail or contempt. She’s feeding on it.

Have you ever seen the Star Trek episode Day of the Dove?  That’s how you defeat these people, by laughing at them and ignoring them. When they are no longer able to feed on negative energy, they lose their power. It’s too bad people don’t bother delving into the psychology of the Southern, rural mountain, mentality. You think they’re bad in Charleston? Try where Davis lives. There is a very good reason for the lure and legend of the Hatfields and McCoys. They will go to war to prove themselves right, even when they know they are wrong.

That’s what is going on in the South, in a microcosm.  If people will shut-up already yet about the Confederate flag, people will back down, and listen to reason.  I guess what truly bothers me is that everyone is so quick to want to put themselves, rightfully, in the place of the oppressed and in the place of minorities of all ilks, but no one wants to put themselves out when it comes to understanding what is going on in the Southern mind.

There is a reason I say what I do about the Confederate flag. I grew up in rural SC, from the 1960s, living there until 1998. I was also extremely active, politically. Until the mid-1980s, when we decided the SCGOP was going to take the lead in demanding the Confederate flag be removed from the state house, no one bothered flying it. The only people who did were what we called redneck white trash. These were people who may have had indoor plumbing for perhaps 15 years. (I’m serious). They were the lowest wrong on the sociological and cultural ladder, and you can bet they were KKK.

Then, once we started agitating to have the flag removed, and I was one of them who was doing the agitating, all of a sudden it became a matter of some idiotic honor to carry one, even if the person did not have a racist bone in their body. We’re talking people who had bi-racial grandchildren and were the most blended group of idiots you’ve ever seen. It was a matter of pure, abject stupidity.

The nasty racism did not start until the secession movement decided to make Anderson County ground-zero in their determination to make SC a white paradise. These weren’t locals, either. They moved in from other parts of the country, and were determined to create their own version of social engineering. They even prided themselves on their affiliation with neo-Nazis. That’s how it started.

They were the most successful in Charleston, with Jack Hunter, AKA the Southern Avenger, taking up the toxic cause. He hung with Ron Paul, Rand Paul, and started hanging with the worst of the worst. The CofCC then moved into the state, and that is what you see, now.

But, the local red-neck, today, even, isn’t going to let anyone tell them they can’t fly the blasted flag, no matter how stupid they look. And – it is about stupid. You know the minds-set. They’re willing to go down in flames rather than admit they’re wrong. I’m fully expecting them to break out their tartan plaids, and start trying to put Bonnie Prince Charlie back on the throne. That’s what we’re dealing with. Their minds have not evolved since Battle of Culloden. We both know how that ended.

Kim Davis is a martyr.  She is a heroine, fighting for God, onward Christian soldiers and all that.  She’s marching off to war, and she’s going to go down in glory.  It doesn’t really matter if it’s about same sex marriage.  She would do this with any cause.

There is something that puzzles me.  A marriage license, obtained within the state of Kentucky is good anywhere.  The couple who is pushing Davis toward the lock-up could easily go to any of 119 other county seats, and obtain a marriage license. Owensville, is 24 miles from Moorhead.  It is basically on I-64.  The couple could be there in a half hour.  They are costing the taxpayer a fortune to make life a living hell for someone who truly deserves it.  Instead of pushing the issue, they could have already have been married.

I know they have every right in the world to get a license in Rowen County. They should be allowed to do so, but are being treated like dirt by a ‘well-meaning’ idiot.

I just don’t get it.  What is truly sad is that in order for the Left to beat this woman into submission, they must completely destroy her, and go after her family.  That has nothing to do with tolerance.  The worst of it is the only tolerance the Left has is for their issues and for people who agree with them.  Dare to step out of line and they destroy.  In that way they are no different from the nasty little intolerant minions of the extreme right.  Kim Davis dared to defy the left, and she must be ruined and beaten into submission.  Along the way, her family must also be ruined.  Her reputation must be shredded.  It’s a good thing the Left tells everyone they are tolerant.

Yes, she is wrong.  She is breaking the law. She doesn’t like the law.  If she doesn’t then she needs to resign. She should not be destroyed in the process.



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  1. People in the USA are worshipping the law, not God. Just like the people in Nazi Germany. Some of them were ordered to destroy the Jews. It was the law and they had to obey it or suffer the consequences. The law has become a religion in itself in the USA. Also, in this post the author constantly uses the racist term redneck. But I guess it is OK to refer to white people as redneck. This author would not dare to use the N word in reference to black people.

  2. The author is using the term ‘redneck’ to describe a specific culture in the South. It is not a slur. The South is quite proud of its redneck culture. It should be noted that blacks can also be rednecks. I’ve met a few.

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