The God of Money


Screen Shot 2015-09-05 at 12.16.44 AMKim Davis, Clerk of Court of Rowen County, Kentucky is now officially a martyr.  In allowing her to become a martyr, US District Judge David Bunning, son of the legendary Jim, made a critical error.  He was trying to prevent her from using donated funds to pay for her fine.  Unfortunately, in jailing her for contempt, which is the most severe penalty she can receive for refusing to issue any marriage licenses.  Frankly, I think it is deplorable – both pro and con.  Bunning, when nominated to become a judge, was considered basically incompetent.

I’m a Christian. I have a very dear gay friend who was married a few weeks ago. The only thing that annoyed me was that he and his partner eloped instead of having a wedding. My friend has every right to be married and every right not to be alone, to find happiness. We all do.

I think the woman should not be in jail. It is a travesty of justice. What she did is wrong, a violation of the law, and she should be required to resign from her elected office. I don’t approve of people being held in jail without the possibility of bail unless they have done something horrific like slaughtered someone. I seem to remember this is now a big SPLC cause, not allowing bail, and imprisoning people for petty reasons. This is petty. It is a waste of taxpayer money.

The left likes to talk a good game about keeping out of jail, and protecting their rights, of preventing a miscarriage of justice, and giving people a chance. You shouldn’t send a person to jail for smoking a joint and you shouldn’t send someone to jail for being a bigot and pissing off a judge. It’s wrong. What’s worse, the woman may look like some little mountain mouse, but she’s playing everyone for fools. The more people demand she be kept in jail until relents, the more they lose credibility in the laudable quest for doing away with the need to post bail for certain crimes, and irrational jailing of people because of the system.

Unfortunately, the woman is not going to budge. She is now a martyr, thanks to the judge’s mishandling of the case. She has more than her 15 minutes of fame. She is now a cause celeb. If she is released, she wins. If she is kept in jail, which I think is her plan, she wins – big time. The longer she stays in jail, the more powerful she and her cause become. I agree with neither. But, I do know human nature. I’m already hearing from people who are Christians and approve of gay marriage. They’re mad about sending her to jail. This one is going to leave a mark.

There’s something else no one is watching here. She is not mainstream Christian. Her denomination is basically a cult with about three million members worldwide. The idiots of Liberty Defense may be idiots, but they aren’t stupid. One of these days they’re going to realize they’re sitting on a major league minority situation here and are going to blow the whole story out of the water. (After all, they are due for a win, one of these days).

I don’t know if they will do it, because, in order to do it, they must admit that there are differences in various denominations. It will be interesting. In order to get the woman out of jail, and turn the ACLU inside out, they must admit that her denomination, United Pentecostal International, is theologically different from mainstream Christianity. (Just a little inside baseball). It will be fascinating, because, they’re also going to need to admit that the denomination of the Robertson family of Duck Dynasty is also outside of mainstream Christianity.

To me, this has nothing to do with religion or even LGBT rights, but the fact that I am loath to send anyone to jail, no matter how I dislike them. When I discovered that the person who vandalized my home had a very good reason for what he did, I immediately called the local cops and told them I would not sign a complaint. I did what I could to get him out of jail. I am refusing to have the person who conned me out of a car arrested. My sister and I made the decision not to prosecute the broker who embezzled nearly $1.5 million from our parents. As Christians, we’re taught to turn the other cheek, no matter how stupid it makes us look. I will not be a party to sending a jerk who has a young family to jail. Frankly, I don’t know how the people who demanded the woman be held in contempt can sleep at night, knowing she is in jail.

But, the contempt is not about breaking the law, but pissing off a judge. That’s what contempt is. He should have had her arrested for breaking the law, and not pissing him off. Or -should have started the process of having her arrested. The local DA is furious with her. From what I gather, she’s not a nice person, and is a bully. They’d love to take her out, and may be able to do it because Morehouse has, as a community, passed laws preventing LGBT discrimination. In these days of prosecutor over-reach, the DA might be able to get away with it. Just having her doing a perp-walk for breaking the law, under a grand jury indictment and warrant would be a heck of a lot better than contempt.

And by doing this…. Kim Davis is looking at the profitability of martyrdom.  She’s now a cause celeb. She’s famous, and she’s going to be rich, trust me.   She should have had house arrest. No, not for mercy but to stop her from becoming ‘rich & famous’.  I grew up in a family where religion was a spectator sport. We’re talking books, tapes, movies, conferences – the whole nine yards. And – my parents were quite moderate in it. They would be dragged along to things to accommodate relatives who were visiting. I had an uncle who was fairly famous in some religious circles – for complaining about big money.

By making Davis a martyr, she’s going to be able to spend the rest of her life going from one conference to another, as a special guest, all expenses paid. The book deal is already in the works. There is the go fund me. All this is the reason Bunning put her in jail, to keep her from using the money raised for her, and not shell out her own money.

He made it worse. Have you ever had the misfortune to watch anything on TBN – with the woman with the pink Dolly Parton hair? They started off with nothing, in the deep South. We’re now talking boy toys, mistresses, his and hers Rolls Royce, jewelry, indictments, IRS, the whole nine yards, including the mansion. Pat Robertson is worth a fortune.

If you don’t know who Debi and Michael Pearl are, go look them up. They have sold over a million books about beating children into religious submission. They’re worth millions in the process.

This day and age, Kim Davis, is now the ‘It Girl’. The longer she stays in jail, the more money she’s worth in book sales, movie rights, biography, speaker’s fees, television appearances. She will become her own industry. That’s why I don’t want her in jail. She profits from it. The longer she holds out, now, the better it is for her. I swear, she and her hubby are already counting the cash which will be flowing in, like milk and honey.

She knew what she was doing by going to jail. Running gave her exactly what she wanted. If she can be abused in jail, that’s even better. The more abuse, the more horror, the better. We’re talking big bucks. She has been rewarded for breaking the law.

I know it sounds strange, but we’re talking one huge industry. There are 3 million members of her church, world wide. If each one spends enough for her to get just $1 residual for that book, she’s doing well. There are millions of evangelicals in this country. They’re seduced by the celebrity game. She’s now a Celebrity Christian. That’s good for a few more million.

Trust me, she’s not being punished.  She’s now worth millions.  The longer she is in jail, the more she’s worth. Bigotry pays, trust me, especially if you are truly religious about it.