Banned from Commenting for Being a Christian



Tomorrow I will highlight the article which managed to get me banned from commenting on Raw Story – because I’m a Christian, and refuse to be bullied by the truly nasty anti-Christian haters who now troll the internet, attacking and bullying people into silence.  For ages I’ve read how the left was trying to silence Christians.  I figured it was another tactic by the extreme religious right, to get attention.  The problem is, for the last ten months or so, I’ve noticed a change in how those of use who aren’t extreme religious right are bring treated online.  I like liberal sites far more than I do those of their counterparts on the right.  For the most part, they are more accurate with facts.  For the most part.  When it comes to anything dealing with Christians or Christianity, they are becoming more and more vicious.  In many instances, their behavior is pure bigoted hate.

I don’t have a problem with what a person believes.  I don’t believe in forcing what I believe on anyone.  I am far from religious and I think the term ‘spiritual’ is a joke. I am though, a devout believer in Christ.  My belief is strong enough for me not to go around wearing it like a badge of honor, or pushing it on people.  I don’t need to prove myself to anyone.  If a person can’t see what I believe in how I live, then it doesn’t even matter what I say.  I have never liked hypocrites.  I loath religious ignorance, and detest people who use it to profit from their own strange way of seeing things.

My values are strong.  I know what I believe.  I’m fairly well educated in my faith to the point where I may have a better grasp on the facts than most so-called ‘religious’ leaders.  I come from a family where religion was a spectator sport.  We had to learn something, or be left in the cheap seats when my father and his brother would start arguing some some absolutely arcane verse with at least a half dozen different translations of the Bible, along with miscellaneous commentaries.

You learn a lot that way.  I had this amazing uncle who would call, long distance (when that sort of thing wasn’t cheap) and talk for an hour, discussing theology with me. I learned to examine things through his scholarship, my father’s very strong faith, my mother’s self-deprecating ‘humility’, and my grandfather’s amazing knowledge of the Bible.  Today, families like this are portrayed like the Duggars, almost perverted in their approach to life.  Nothing could have been farther from the truth with my family.  They lived not only in the world, but of the world.  They forced their world to accommodate what they believed, which was honest, balanced, and based on logic, scripture, tradition, and reason. There were no tangents and religious hucksters and TV preachers were to be scorned.

They never believed in the end-of-the-world-as-we-know-it.  They basically ignored the book of Revelation.  Their approach was commons sense, living as Christ taught, giving to others, and doing the the whole Beatitudes thing. There were no real rules.  Nothing was prohibited – just remember that Christ is about love.  Consequently, I’ve taken this whole war on Christians with more than a grain of salt.  It was something created by the religious right, for more attention.

My eyes were opened Tuesday night.  All I did was point out that on Raw Story, a with an growing number of formerly unbiased sites, the anti-Christian bias was becoming extreme.  The cruel viciousness, bullying, and extremism has reached the point where I began making screen shots of the comments people made to me.  I love a good theological argument, and have no problem discussing religion with someone who says they are an atheist. I have a problem with name calling and treating people like dirt.

Today, if  you have the nerve to declare yourself a Christian, you are treated like you have a mental illness. I like liberal causes, but, as a Christian, I am not allowed to open my mouth.  I can’t work with the far right because I’m not Christian enough for them.  And, yes, they are so irrational and unreasonable, I can understand why people today hate us.  I detest them. The thing is, what is going on here is different.  Dare I use the word ‘evil’?

Yea, we are being systematically silenced.



5 thoughts on “Banned from Commenting for Being a Christian

  1. I’ve just been banned from Raw Story. I posted several comments all on a story about John Oliver who was defending the muslim invasion of Europe and suggesting we build more mosques to accomodate them. Anyway, My temper got the best of me although I kept to the subject, no cussing etc. They just didn’t want reality intruding on their fantasy about some socialist utopia where we all live in harmony. Anyway, thanks for sharing.

  2. YAY!!! Congrats on getting banned from that cesspool. I was banned to and wear it like a badge of honor. That site is just sick judging by the people that comment there. I never go near it now.

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