Only in New Mexico or Something Else?


Screen Shot 2015-09-13 at 4.36.15 AMDid you know you can be banned from commenting on Raw Story if you identify yourself as a Christian?  I was, for making a comment about this article.  The far right has Todd Starnes, the stalwart FOX news reader who reports on every slight, real or imagined.  The object is to destroy.  Not to worry, the left has their on little anti-Christian machine to do the same thing unto Christians as Starnes does to non-Christians.  The object is to destroy.  This is what they are attempting to do to Mary Pepper.

When is a news report an attack on someone and when does it report the facts in a reasonable manner?  Kim Holland of KRQE in ABQ  reported about a woman, Holly Salzman, who was allegedly subjected to religious discrimination at the hands of her court appointed therapist, Mary Pepper.  Salzman says the court appointed the therapist for both she and her ex-husband, in order to improve their parenting skills.  In the piece, which is attracting national attention due to the therapist not only meeting the woman at a local public library, being paid in cash, but because she dared to open her sessions with a prayer.  Salzman protested (so would I).  The woman continued opening the sessions with prayer. Salzman was so insulted, she allegedly tried to get a different therapist.  She then did now show up for two of her sessions.  Her 11-year-old twin sons were taken away from her.  She went back to Pepper and finished the court ordered session. Her children were returned.

The sessions were $35. The court appointed psychologist on the case charged $100/hour. It is a take-no-prisoner’s divorce and custody battle. When person is referred for parenting classes, by the court, there is a very good reason, and that person is NOT doing it of their own accord. When she refused to attend two of the session, and the children were removed from her home, there had to be something very wrong. In ABQ, they’d rather let the kids be slaughtered than lift a finger to help them. Mothers are NOT referred to parenting classes in all custody cases. I know of a situation and the mother is required to do parenting classes. Even her own father and grandmother are trying to get the baby taken away from her.

The Bernalillo County case is titled Holly Ehrler (n/k/a Holly Salzman) Petitioner v. David Ehrler Respondent, case no. D-202-DM-2005-04552. The assigned judge is Elizabeth Whitefield. The Court’s Rule 11-706 Expert
is Michael Rodriquez. The hearing officer assigned to the case is Judith Finfrock.


In Holland’s piece, she basically questions Pepper’s qualifications.

“…The court told Salzman she had to see Mary Pepper. She touts herself as an educator, a mentor and a teacher for couples. But Salzman says she was surprised by what else Pepper offered….”

Holly Salzman, in 2011, was working at the ABQ Pet Care Hospital.  In a way, her bio is a little misleading. She never says where she received her BA in psych, English, and history? Apparently she is no longer employed there.

“…Holly is a Wisconsin native but has lived in Albuquerque for 12 years. She landed in NM after being honorably discharged from the United States Air Force. She has a bachelor’s degree in Psychology, English and History but her first love is animals. She started off in a large animal practice 16 years ago and eventually shifted to a small animal practice. Over the years she has rescued hundreds of dogs, cats and horses and continues to work with numerous rescue organizations. She joined ABQ PetCare in August of 2011….”

In 2008 she made the news when she took in horses which were part of the Al Unser, Jr. divorce.  In the article she said she was best friend of the Unser’s former wife.

Mary Pepper  (Linked-In)  is apparently a highly qualified therapist who is the current chair of New Mexico Coalition for Healthy Families.  While it works with religious organizations, it is a very well respected organization here in New Mexico. She specializes in Healthy Relationship’s Couple’s Therapy.

These are the organizations connected to the New Mexico Coalition for Healthy Families.

Native Health Initiative
Strengthening New Mexico’s Families
Samaritan Counseling Center of ABQ
The Family Lifeline
Healthy Relationships 101
First Nations Community Healthsource
Outcomes, Inc

According to Mary Pepper, the reason she took the religious track was because Mary Salzman indicated she wanted to go that route.  Then, to prove Pepper was violating her rights, Salzman videoed the final three sessions.   What she did was legal.

Detective Services
Detective Services

I don’t think it is legal to tape a therapy session.  It is not kosher to hold a therapy session in a library, at least not in ABQ.  Mary Pepper required Salzman pay her in cash.  From what I gather her fees are about $30 a session.  Even I can afford that.  The thing is, I wouldn’t have taken a check from Salzman.  The other problem with the woman could be a bit litigious.  She filed a lawsuit against New Mexican Kennels because of sexual harassment and alleged failure to pay minimum wage for ABQ.  The case was dismissed with prejudice.

There have been damning accusations that Mary Pepper is unqualified because she is pro-life.  I guess I’m unqualified to write then.  She met her clients at the local public library, where one is not to charge for services.  I don’t see where what she charges is even an indicator of commerce or profit.  In 1988, when I was seeing a therapist while dealing with the what had happened to me, as a child, I was paying $50 a session.  Today, $30 would barely cover the cost of materials used.  If I were working with someone like Salzman, I would meet her in a public location. The woman appears to have a history of fabricating or editing the narrative to suit her purpose.

If you read comments at various sites, with one exception, none of them local, first, it is apparent the tale received, with the exception of that 1 airing, no local play. The national play is very much a witch hunt, with Mary Pepper and the family court judge evil individuals who must be destroyed.  Their unpardonable crime?  They are Christians. The problem, though, is that if someone goes to defend their Christian faith, they are attacked, viciously. It is also quite obvious there is a certain element within this society who are determined to rid our nation of any Christian influence.  Until this week, I thought these claims were bogus.  Now, though, I realize these claims are factually accurate.