US Soldiers Prosecuted for Stopping Pedophiles


Screen Shot 2015-09-05 at 12.16.44 AMYep, the headline sickened me.  I had a very good friend who grew up in Nazi Germany. Her father did his best to oppose Hitler and keep his family safe. Finally, when we captured Italy, he managed to smuggle his family into Italy and safety. They were ‘adopted’ by an American army unit, and treated very well. My friend, maybe 10 years old at the time, was raped by one of the men in the unit. The command officer of the unit caught him in the act. He was turned over to the local command and given a very quick trial, then executed. Trudy told me her father was told that was the policy. If one of our troops raped a child, and caught in the act, they were taken out and shot.  My friend was fortunate.  Most German women were not so lucky.  Neither were at least 54 young women in Colombia this past decade.  The military turned a blind eye to it. Our military has a very real rape problem, but is it worse than other parts of our culture?  The rape culture is rampant in other parts of the world, especially within certain segments in Africa, but government and revolutionaries.

“…In a 2013 Vice Media, Inc. documentary titled “This Is What Winning Looks Like”, British independent film-maker Ben Anderson describes the systematic kidnapping, sexual enslavement and murder of young men and boys by local security forces in the Afghan city of Sangin. The film depicts several scenes of Anderson along with American military personal describing how difficult it is to work with the Afghan police considering the blatant molestation and rape of local youth. The documentary also contains footage of an American military advisor confronting the then acting Police Chief on the abuse after a young boy is shot in the leg after trying to escape a police barrack. When the marine suggests that the barracks be searched for children, and that any policeman found to be engaged in pedophilia be arrested and jailed, the high-ranking officer insists what occurs between the security forces and the boys is consensual, saying “[the boys] like being there and giving their asses at night.” He went on to claim that this practice was historic and necessary. “If [my commanders] don’t fuck the asses of those boys, what should they fuck? The pussies of their own Grandmothers?”…”

Not long after 9/11 a friend who is psychologist told me one of the very real problems with extreme Islamic culture is the tendency toward pedophilia. Like he said, anyone who understands what pedophiles do to the mind of a child can understand how the very process helps breed a culture where men are easily seduced into violent patriarchy. It is part of the culture in that region of the world, and has been for thousands of years.  Today, though, many liberals are using that as an excuse for not prosecuting pedophiles and child rape by Muslims in Afghanistan.  Our troops, when raping, and committing pedophilia are being prosecuted.  So are Muslims who are caught in other locations.  Yet, we’re not to offend the local culture.

They are called ‘bacha bazi‘ – dancing boys.  (PBS documentary)

“…Under the guise of doing a documentary on similar practices in Europe, Quraishi gained the confidence of Dastager, a former mujahideen commander and wealthy businessman whose business interests include importing autos from the Far East. With Dastager as his guide, Quraishi takes viewers inside the world of bacha bazi, where prominent men compete to own and use the boys.

“I had a boy because every commander had a partner,” says Mestary, a former senior commander who is well connected with major Afghan warlords. “Among the commanders there is competition, and if I didn’t have one, then I could not compete with them.”

“I go to every province to have happiness and pleasure with boys,” says an Afghan man known as “The German,” who acts as a bacha bazi pimp, supplying boys to the men. “Some boys are not good for dancing, and they will be used for other purposes. … I mean for sodomy and other sexual activities.”

“It’s a disgusting practice. … It’s a form of slavery, taking a child, keeping him. It’s a form of sexual slavery,” says Radhika Coomaraswamy. U.N. special representative for Children and Armed Conflict. “The only way to stop bacha bazi is if you prosecute the people who commit the crime, and that’s what we need, because the laws are there in the books against this practice.”

In the documentary, Quraishi interviews local police officials who insist that men who participate in bacha bazi will be arrested and punished regardless of their wealth or powerful connections. Later that day, however, Quraishi’s cameras catch two officers from the same police department attending an illegal bacha bazi party.

“Many of the people who do this work for the government,” says Nazir Alimy, who compiled a report on bacha bazi for UNICEF. “They speak out against it but are abusers themselves. … I personally cannot mention any names because I am scared.”

Quraishi speaks with some dancing boys who fear they will be beaten or killed. “If they stray, they get killed,” says a 13-year-old dancing boy. “Sometimes fighting happens among the men who own the boys. If you don’t please them, they beat you, and people get killed.”…”

Today, though, our politically correct culture, especially according to the ultra liberal mind-set, allows for the abuse of women and the rape of children, as long as it is culturally aware.  A group of our soldiers stepped in, to do something about it, in 2011, when one horrible instance enraged goodly men.  They have faced repercussions.  One of them a highly decorated hero, is now being prosecuted by the Army.  So far, Ash Carter, the Secretary of Defense, has yet to respond to Congressional demands that the prosecution be stopped. Sgt. 1st Class Charles Martland even admitted he beat the you know what out of the pedophile.  He did the right thing, but we’re not to do anything to upset Muslims, no matter how nasty a few of them are.  This is also the reason so many people in this country are so angry.  There should not be two rules, one for one religion and culture, and another for ours.

I read an article not long ago that shames feminists for not applying their rules, world wide.  Least we think that this is just a problem for liberals, it has terrifying repercussions for the increasingly insular and increasingly more powerful world of far right Christian patriarchy.  The idolization of young boys, by more powerful older men is one of the cultural repercussions of a repressive patriarchal society where women are veiled, cloaked, and rendered unapproachable.  In fact, we are starting to see an increase in pedophilia and rape of young boys in the wild and wacky world of cult ‘christian’ patriarchy, and the cover-up.  Very few people are doing anything about it, unfortunately.

The problem in Afghanistan began in 2012 when the Obama Administration went on line with the new military field manual.  In it, our troops were ordered not to criticize Islamic culture, nor step in and assist individuals who needed help.  They were specifically ordered not to intervene in cases of the pedophilia which was rampant within Afghan culture.  (FYI, the newest version of the manual allows military officers and leaders to arrest, imprison, and even execute the press, if necessary, in times of war.)  Consequently, when our heroes exposed corrupt Afghan officials, most of the time, nothing is done about it.  Evidently, as far as the traditional pedophilia of the culture, the Taliban had put an end to it.  When we invaded the country, pedophilia began sneaking back in, and became epidemic after the Obama Administration began turning a blind eye to the problem. By 2010 human rights advocates were speaking out against it, requesting the Obama Administration to do something about it.  They did.  The 2012 edition of the military field manual basically tells our people not to intervene in sensitive cultural issues, including pedophilia.  Evidently they are serious about it, and will prosecute our people who are trying to do the right thing.


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