Obama’s Delusional, Insane & Dangerous Foreign Policy


Screen Shot 2015-09-07 at 10.59.24 PMFrom what I can ascertain, the Obama Administration is furious that Russia bombed an anti-Assaud faction in Syria.  It seems Russia bombed an al-Queda affiliate with whom we were working?  I thought they were the enemy?  Wasn’t al-Queda the bunch who brought down the World Trade Center on September 11, 2001?

Tuesday afternoon, Wolf Blitzer was hysterical.  Vladamir Putin was a going to take unilateral action in Syria, against ISIS.  Putin is an aggressor, out to conquer the world, and make Barack Obama look bad.  Wednesday afternoon, it was the end of the world as we know it.  Putin dropped bombs.  CNN is in an uproar, and the NYTimes is more anti-Russian than ever..  I gather the Saudis are pissed.  That’s the real bottom line here.  Saudi Arabia, evidently, is now calling more and more political foreign policy shots for the Obama Administration than ever before, and that is interesting.  There are rumors that the Obama Administration is behind the creation of ISIL along with Saudi Arabia and Israel.

“…Yet Obama on Monday was blaming Russia and China for the mess Washington has created, saying, “We see some major powers assert themselves in ways that contravene international law.” Obama cited Russia’s “annexation” of Crimea and “further aggression” in Eastern Ukraine.

He didn’t mention the documented U.S. orchestrated coup against a democratically-elected president in Kiev, which eastern Ukrainians have resisted. Russia has helped them but the U.S. with all its fancy surveillance that can find out almost any detail of your private life has yet to come up with a scrap of evidence of a Russian “invasion” of Ukraine…”

No one in Obama’s fawning media dares discuss the obvious, that Russia is in this for its own interests – of course, but the reason they are in it, the battle against ISIS is due to the fact that ISIS is a direct threat to Russia.

Consortium News
Consortium News

People in this country have been subjected to constant brainwashing and abject control of the message by the most secretive administration in the history of this country.  The Administration’s new rules for the press, via the Pentagon are chilling and absolutely terrifying.

“…This demonization of Putin makes cooperation between him and Obama difficult, such as Russia’s recent military buildup in Syria as part of a commitment to prevent a victory by the Islamic State and Al Qaeda. Though one might think that Russian help in fighting terrorism would be welcomed, Nuland’s State Department office responded with a bizarre and futile attempt to build an aerial blockade of Russian aid flying to Syria across eastern Europe.

Nuland and other neocons apparently would prefer having the black flag of Sunni terrorism flying over Damascus than to work with Putin to block such a catastrophe. The hysteria over Russia’s assistance in Syria is a textbook example of how people can begin believing their own propaganda and letting it dictate misguided actions.

On Thursday, Obama’s White House sank to a new low by having Press Secretary Josh Earnest depict Putin as “desperate” to land a meeting with Obama. Earnest then demeaned Putin’s appearance during an earlier sit-down session with Netanyahu in Moscow. “President Putin was striking a now-familiar pose of less-than-perfect posture and unbuttoned jacket and, you know, knees spread far apart to convey a particular image,’ Earnest said…”

The Obama Administration’s take on the Middle East is now not only delusional, but it is terrifying. The lies being told to the American media and via the American media are also dangerous. I keep going back to my premise that Obama is extremely petty when it comes to dealing with world leaders. I don’t think he likes being crossed.  I think it’s time to be afraid, be very afraid.