Cultural Assimilation or Racism?


Screen Shot 2015-07-04 at 12.57.08 PMI know this one is going to get me in big trouble in some circles, but it needs to be said.  We are starting to hear stories from Europe, where European women are being told to change their lives, their, habits, and the way they dress, so that they don’t cause problems with the migrants from the Middle East.  Apparently most of them are Islamic.  Apparently, in some locations, they are already patrolling towns, telling European women to cover themselves.   One school in Bavaria told women to dress modestly so they would not upset the Islamic men who were crashing in their gym.

Sorry, but that’s when my country and someone who is immigrating from another culture demands that I change my way of living to accommodate their barbaric view of women, that’s when I start raising hell.  In doing so, I would be branded a racist by the very liberals who have endorsed rights for women and feminism for years.  Where does it end?  Do we destroy our lives and culture to accommodate another culture, or do we require they accommodate us?  And, no, I’m not talking about language.  I’m not talking about people who migrate from lands where our cultures are basically the same, except for language, but when their cultures are so barbaric, why must we accommodate their barbarism in the name of inclusion?  Are we to now bow to their demands of female circumcision?  Do we live in a burka to make them more comfortable?

Where does accommodation begin and end?  I am a staunch advocate for immigrant cultures enriching our own.  We are a nation of immigrants.  When we go back and look at our culture, do we even know what is ‘traditional’ and what is new, anymore.  But, it only goes so far.  What happens when demands and accommodation, in the name of political correctness infringes upon the rights of the majority?  Do we sit back, and allow our lives to be degraded in order not to be seen as racist, or do we make the same demands on these cultures, requiring them to fit in, and deal with it.

If our land is indeed freedom of religion then there can be absolutely no public accommodations for any religion, no matter what it is, and now matter how much advocates for that religion demand we accommodate them.  When does accommodation to a newly arrived group of migrants become cultural suicide for our traditions?  Do we have a right to demand they live by our rules?

In the UK a recent gallery show about freedom of speech limited participation to items which would not be offensive to Muslims, including commentary on ISIS. This happened after Islamic bullies called, complaining about the fact that the exhibit was insensitive to their faith.  Well, bull sh*t.  Christians must put up with any manner of perversions upon our faith in the name of art.  We are told the artist has First Amendment rights.  But, we’re not allowed to criticize Islam.  If we do, it is racist and hate.  Like Bill Maher said, don’t people realize Islam is not a race but a religion?  If you are Islamic and convert to Christianity, well, just try it.

There is a difference between so-called Islamaphobia, and a wise, cautious approach to a group of people who are constantly making demands that we change our way of living to accommodate them.  We should be willing to work with everyone, but not roll over and play dead.  Why are we the bigots?

Why don’t we hold Islamic customs accountable the way far right Christianity is held accountable?  If they want to live in this country, then you play by the roles and quite crying bigotry when someone dares question what truly is hateful behavior.  It’s starting to wear thin.

Everyone in this nation should be treated equal, with no exceptions and no accommodation for exceptions.  Equality is not bigotry. Equality and equal rights are about freedom. If one group of people are considered more equal and above the law then we lose our freedom.

As for feminist behavior, I truly dislike women who are required to be veiled, and covered at all times.  My grandmother Reidhead and her sisters fought for equality for all.  If I loath and decry the way Christian women are treated, subjected to humiliating demands of modesty, then I loath and decry the way Islamic women are treated.  Sorry, that’s not bigotry, that’s equality.

BTW:  I have never met a woman who was veiled or wore head scarves who was not rude, arrogant, and treated me like dirt. Same goes for women on the religious right who bow to the demands of ‘modest’ cultural insanity.

And,  yes, it is about manners and the golden rule.