I Have a Very Real Problem with Progressives & Their Bigotry


Screen Shot 2015-09-07 at 10.59.24 PMI like many liberal causes.  Once upon a time, many causes which are now considered almost exclusively liberal were, in fact, embraced by the GOP.  The late, legendary Jack Kemp was the perfect example of how a person could be a Republican and yet, embrace causes for the greater good. Having spent the past five years of my life living on the ‘other’ side of prosperity, I know we need a larger, not smaller social safety net for people.  I also know that the only way to go about this is via the government.  No, it is not because government is more effective, but it is more anonymous.

There was one time, when I was at such a low point, financially, I was going to be forced to go begging to our local food bank for help for my family.  Because my parents were (and my mother still is) worth millions in property, but were cash poor, they did not qualify for any sort of assistance.  Because they had their own excellent Medicare supplement, I could not qualify to be paid for the work I was doing to help them.  The only way a person can be paid to render assistance as a care-giver is if that person is on Medicaid.  Other wise, we are expected to wallow in poverty while we take care of our family.  Never mind that my parents, over the years, had paid millions in taxes.  Liberals demand poverty, and conservatives demand humiliation over that poverty.

If I had been forced to seek local assistance for my parents, I would have done so, then taken my own life.  I could not tolerate the humiliation.  That is what the right wants – locally based community assistance, with all the humiliation involved.  According to the libertarian right, if someone is in need of help, it is due to their own weakness, and their inability to make money.  My parents were where they were due to the fact that my father had Alzheimer’s Disease and his broker took advantage of it, liberating what I’ve now (finally – after 8 years of research) discovered to be upward of $1.1 million in cash, CDs, and money market funds.  Having spent my life in GOP politics, I am well aware, now, the broker is given a pat on the back and a way-to-go for making out like a bandit. The statute of limitations prevents me from even going after this person and his secretary.  Liability laws prevent me from even saying his name.

This is where the right is wrong.  First, investment bankers and brokers need to be held accountable for the way they have ruined lives.  Secondly, they need to recognize that bad things happen to good people and good people need help.  They also need to recognize that the average person who seeks public assistance is NOT on drugs (those lovely brokers and bankers often are, though). Most are working, and can barely make ends meet.  It is not a character flaw which causes circumstances to happen.  My only character flaw was in doing what was/is right and being there for my elderly parents when they needed me.   My current circumstances, financial, are caused by a climate where many of those who now have money to spend to spend think it is their lot in life to lie, cheat, and steal in order to get a better deal. I have been left with a bitter distaste for people who think they are better than I am because they are in a position to purchase property worth millions, and they want it for nothing.  I am currently living on nothing, because I refuse to bow down to a couple of these men who are willing to pay me $275/acre for property worth $1500/acre.  I guess I’m just stupid that way.

The ignorant left likes to describe the right’s tendency toward self-reliance as our so-called Puritan religious heritage.  The problem with that is the fact that, as usual, the left is reliably ignorant when it comes to the Christian history of this nation.  My Puritan ancestors invented the sociological welfare state, protection of children, and removal of abusive spouses.  They also did not approve of religious marriages.  A marriage was a civil contract which could be easily terminated and another marriage arranged. Modern day feminism was born out of the Puritan culture, but today’s left, with it’s irrational loathing of anything remotely resembling ‘Christian’ refuses to admit this.  If they would, they could deal, much easier, with the right, but that isn’t the point, is it.  Nor do they want to admit that Margaret Sanger created Planned Parenthood, not for the assistance of those in need of contraception and women’s issues, but because she was a staunch advocate of eugenics.  Her work was terribly racist.

That’s the real problem, today, with the left, their own special little brand of racism, bigotry, and intolerance of anyone who disagrees with their agenda.  Like I’ve repeatedly said, I like a lot of the social agenda.  We have a nation that should be able to help everyone.  But, if you disagree with their version of events, you are a racist, bigot, or intolerant. If you are from the South, you are a racist and bigot. If you have ancestors from the South you are evil.  If you think certain groups are intolerant about their overwhelming tolerance, you are damned.  If you stand up for what you believe, and it is not acceptable on the left, you are to be silenced and destroyed.  If you are a Christian and you dare say you are, you are an idiot.  The First Amendment must be abridged in order to allow for tolerance.

I have absolutely no patience with the religious right.  I loath the libertarian cancer which has destroyed the GOP. But, they are not trying to destroy the Constitution. Sure, they manipulate it, but that’s not destroying it.  Repeatedly, I read where various modern progressives think that, in order to preserve tolerance, certain freedoms must be limited.  My generation has had it ingrained into us that the left preserves freedoms and the right wants to destroy them.  Nothing can be farther from the truth.   There are Global Warming advocates who think that anyone who opposes their version of the ‘truth’ should be put into a concentration camp.  We are subjected to truly vile racist hate-speech from various minorities who open advocate for the extermination of white cops.  That’s okay.  They are oppressed.  We must give them a pass.

We cannot violate the beliefs of the LGBT population when it comes to their rights.  And, no, we should not.  But, do they have a right to violate the beliefs of those who disagree with them?  Why are only some rights important, but not others? If a person doesn’t want to bake a damn wedding cake, why must they be ruined? There is a fine line between a person’s rights and vindictive and destructive behavior to achieve those rights, when there are other entities willing to accommodate a person.  There was a lesbian couple who were quite pleased with their wedding rings, until the jeweler who made them did not approve of their life-style choices.  He treated them with kindness and respect, but their friends were offended, so they sought to destroy the man. Where is the morality of that?

People have a right to marriage licenses, but must a person who is being a total AH because of their beliefs be totally and completely destroyed?  Funny how the same Progressives hail those who broke the law to issue marriage licenses to a LGBT couple, but damn those who refuse.  I guess it all depends on which side a person stands. If you agree with their advocacy of something, then you are okay.  If you don’t, you must be destroyed.

I like many liberal ideas, probably more than conservative ones, but I have reached the point where I’ve had it with Progressives and their almost perverted view of the world.  They are as sick and disgusting as the Duggars. I don’t see much difference.  The Progressive left and the religious right are one side of the same coin, rude, crude, bigoted, and intolerant. Both groups are profoundly manipulative and self-righteous.  They both lack compassion for the human condition, unless it for their approved groups.  I think though, when all is said and done, the left is far worse than the right. I have begun to think some of their nastiness is out of abject meanness.

If you are paying attention to the internals of national polls, there is another reason for the Progressive left’s race-baiting.  And – it is race-baiting.  We are on the brink of a water-shed moment where blacks are about to thumb their nose at the Democratic Party. I’m seeing more and more of it every day. In a nation where the electorate is so close, almost six of one and a half dozen of another, the very act of an additional 5% of blacks, voting for the GOP will literally change the balance of power.  It is their worst nightmare.

For people like me, I just wish we had a viable moderate alternative.  My problem, I just can’t stomach the Progressive left. They are mean-spirited, intolerant bullies, who make Rush Limbaugh look like the milk of human compassion.