9/11 Logic


Screen Shot 2015-10-01 at 8.38.16 PMI don’t know who is worse, Donald Trump or the media.  From what I gather, what Trump said was that 9/11 happened when Bush was POTUS, and had he been POTUS it would not have happened.  What we are now experiencing is the usual far right and Democrat pile-on of who hates George W. Bush the most.  It is disgusting.  The liberal media is disgusting.  They are also being horrifically intellectually dishonest.  Like the 9/11 report said, Bush was not to blame, other than the fact that he was in office that day, and there are so many foolish conspiracy theories out there that they make the Kennedy assassination seem like Dr. Seuss.

Conspiracy theories are for people who aren’t flying on all thrusters and are having a break with reality, for various and sundry reasons. They are based on lies, half-truths, innuendo, and sheer insanity.  I love a good conspiracy theory, but one needs to comprehend the fact that provable fact is one thing, and romantic conjecture is another.

From my dyslexic calculations, George W. Bush had been in office exactly 233 days when the worst terror attack on the American soil occurred.  Anyone who is fair, reasonable, and being intellectually honest, who has even a modicum of working knowledge as to how the Federal Government works, knows that his administration was not even fully function by that time.  It takes upward of a good year to get people in place.  We all know the Clinton Administration had basically destroyed our intel gathering capacity.

Oh, wait, we can’t mention that.  It would exonerate George W. Bush, and make Bill Clinton look like the actual dolt which he was.  It would make Hillary look bad. It’s better to like about George W. Bush, than to be reasonable and logical. I don’t care if you can’t stand the  man.  That is fine.  Just be honest about what happened on 9/11, and don’t use it as a continued agenda of hatred against a man who truly does not deserve it, other than the fact that you opposed him, politically.

If nothing else points to the problems this nation is facing, this one thing does.  If we dislike someone, the object is  to now destroy them. Frankly, I don’t like this version of America. I abjectly reject it. I find this whole discussion repugnant.  Even worse, though, is the fact that the same media who is damning both Trump, and the Bush Brothers, is propping up the lies the Obama Administration is telling in regard to Syria, Russia, and their association with the very same terrorists who killed thousands of Americans on 9/11.  I guess it all depends on your agenda.

Too bad people no longer believe in factual accuracy and honesty.