Media Political Hispanic Racism


Screen Shot 2015-09-07 at 10.59.24 PMOn Friday, I was watching an interview on CNN with a woman who supports Donald Trump.  The CNN blond news-reader was incapable of understanding why someone who was Hispanic could dare support a person who said such bad things about Mexico and illegal immigrants.  I gather the news reader did not get the memo that there are Spanish speaking individuals from countries other than Mexico.  I gather they’ve also not read the headlines from the past few years about Mexico being a country in chaos due to crime and drug cartels. Evidently they did not bother covering the story about actress Ali Landry’s family being slaughtered in Mexico, just this past month. I guess they don’t realize that even the State Department recognizes how dangerous Mexico can be.  Donald Trump is right.  Mexico is a very dangerous country, with the chaos only growing worse by the month.

I live in New Mexico.  Most of the people I know here have genealogy that includes Hispanic DNA.  The reason I say Hispanic DNA, and not mention ‘Hispanic’ as a generic minority block is because here in New Mexico Hispanic background is the majority.  Also, I don’t know a single person of Hispanic DNA who considers themselves a minority and pegged as a special voting block.  They consider themselves highly patriotic Americans, who have Hispanic DNA the same as I have Celtic, Norman, and a dollop of German.  It isn’t about politics.  If it is – well, most Hispanics I know vote Republican.

The other day I was on Twitter with a person who considered herself ‘Latino’.  That is a designation that is regional.  If you live in Texas or New Mexico it is Hispanic, and it is NOT political.  Latino, used out of California, is the politics of minority voting blocks.

Trying to turn Hispanics into a minority population as a typical Democrat voting block is just plain racist.  Like the blond news-reader on CNN told the Trump fanatic, she is Hispanic.  Because she is Hispanic, she should be not be supporting Trump or Republicans.  Never mind that the woman is an individual, a person, with her own likes and dislikes.  To CNN, all she was, unfortunately, to them, was a statistic, someone who should be voting Democrat because she came from Mexico.

The people I know who were born in Mexico and are now American citizens are rabid Republicans.  One considers Trump something of a ‘clown’, but refuses to be put into a minority shoe box.  I haven’t talked to my friend Carol, other than the fact that I know she is a solid supporter of Lindsey, as am I.

It’s too bad Democrats can’t comprehend that people are individuals and not specific voting blocks.  All they can see is that vote, that minority, to be pandered too, and treated like some sort of minority infant, without the mentality to process the fact that they’re being treated like fodder, and nothing more.