Why Aren’t They Defending Their Home Instead of Running Away?


Screen Shot 2015-10-17 at 12.16.27 AMOnce again Donald Trump is in trouble for saying something that I think many of us have thought.  Why don’t refugees, especially men, stay in their homeland and fight for freedom? Why do they turn tail and run?  Yes, there are times when fighting is impossible, but look at people in Europe.  They did not flee, they fought Hitler. Yet, these same people, who can’t stand  up to ISIS, are willing to storm the Chunnel and invade the UK.  Yes, I know it isn’t politically correct to even bring up the question, but why are these people running away, instead of fighting.

Sorry, I don’t have a lot of sympathy for people who either stand by and let evil over-run their land and do nothing, or those who turn tail and run. According to my latest research the following did not turn tail and run:

  1. James Carter, Jr.
  2. James Carter, Sr.
  3. Aaron Banks
  4. John Perkins
  5. Samuel Cane
  6. Elijah Martin
  7. Josiah Morse
  8. Joseph Morrell
  9. Gideon Perkins
  10. Joshua Perkins
  11. Barnabas Eaton
  12. Peter Durell
  13. Samuel  Jackson
  14. William Nutt
  15. Nathanial Ladd
  16. John Phillips
  17. Paul Dustin – Lexington-Concord – Minuteman
  18. Timothy Dustin (his son)
  19. Asa Hill
  20. James Baines
  21. John Godby
  22. Isaac Smith
  23. Elliott Bohannon
  24. Richard Bohannon (son)
  25. Edward Smith
  26. Isaac Runyon
  27. John Runyon (son)

Every single one of these men had one thing in common. They did not turn tail and run. They were not refugees.  They saw their family members killed.  They had no military training.  They were poorly armed, and poorly shot.  They went hungry.  They had no medical treatment when injured. They did not turn into a mob demanding they be taken somewhere safe. Instead, they stood their ground, not firing until they saw the whites of the enemy’s eyes.  They risked everything they had to fight for the nation they were building.

They are the reason we are free, today, so that other men, who don’t have the courage to stand up and fight for what they believe, can run away and cower, demanding we do something to help them, when they don’t have the courage to help themselves. Any man who doesn’t have the courage to fight to save his own home, family, community, city, and country doesn’t deserve refugee status. They should be branded cowards and given no quarter.  Their wives and children should be given assistance, and protected.  They should be sent back to either fight for their country, or die trying.

No, it is not politically correct, but you can’t build a democratic nation with a bunch of cowards.  Then, when they do arrive in a country, they demand we make them comfortable and give in to their cultural needs?  I think not.  Any nation who does is stupid and deserves what it gets.

Yes, people need help.  We should be willing to aid those in need.  We don’t need to be aiding able bodied men who are to cowardly to fight for their own freedom.  Don’t expect them to even bother fighting for our freedom, or being loyal to a new country.  They couldn’t be loyal to their homeland.