Bernie Sanders Is a Fake


Screen Shot 2015-10-18 at 7.50.40 PMBernie Sanders wants to raise the top marginal tax rate from 39% to 50%.  Frankly, that is just plain socialistic redistribution of wealth.  On Sunday, he basically said he planned to take most of what the wealthy earn away from them, to pay for his socialism.  You see, Bernie Sanders is a ‘democratic’ Socialist.  He is NOT a Democrat.  He is not a registered Democrat.  He has been an Independent, without the guts to run as an Independent.  He caucuses with the Democrats, but has run his entire career as a SOCIALIST.   His socialist tax plan would literally destroy our economy, but I’m beginning to think that’s what big time liberals like, is the destruction of freedom unless it is for their precious few.

I like Donald Trump’s tax plan.  I’ve basically been advocating for such a plan for years now.  Contrary to hid detractors, it would jump-start the economy.  Reagan’s tax cuts did.  I was there.  I remember the 1980s.  The hard times began with Clinton’s revisionism.  And, yes, it is at this moment I have realized I can’t possibly ever support a Democrat unless there is a special reason to do so.  It is in economics and world view.  While we’re at it, libertarians loath Trump.  They don’t like his tax plan, which would make the wealthy pay the same percentage rates as the little people.  Unlike Sanders’ plan, Trumps would add jobs, and give the little people more money in their pocket.

The real problem is the fact that the wealthiest among us have their money in unrealized capital gains.  I’m the first to say that capital gains taxes are vile, evil things, especially for we the little people who are just trying to sell a piece of property to care for our family.  We get stuck.  We need the money.  People like Bill Gates, don’t.  That’s one of the differences.  There needs to be a limit on who pays what, and when.  Put a ceiling on how much is taxed.  Try figuring out what is to be taxed and estimate it.  You can’t do it.  I’m selling family property.  It is everything we have, but I’m basically looking at at least a 50% confiscation, or theft of what my parents built, over a life-time, to appease socialists like Bernie Sanders.  When you add capital gains to income tax, and in South Carolina a progressive property tax, I won’t even get 50% of the sale.  Please, tell me where that is fair.  Lift capital gains on anything under something like $15 million and give we the little people a chance to build a little wealth.  But, the ultra wealthy don’t want that, and SOCIALISTS like Sanders don’t want it.

People like Sanders don’t want we the little people to build a little wealth, or even be able to pass the family business down to another generation.  He wants to raise inheritance taxes, lying about how few people would be destroyed in the process.  The only people who are going to profit from this are estate planners.

The left likes to make fun of Donald Trump.  He’s basically identified as a Republican for a long time.  Sanders has NEVER identified as a Democrat.  Of all the candidates, he is the most intellectually dishonest of all of them, and that’s saying a heck of a lot.  I keep going back to intellectual honesty here.  Sanders has NEVER been a Democrat.  Why the heck are they allowing him to run?  Well, considering the Chairperson of the DNC, let’s face it.  She’s doing it for one reason – to give her candidate someone to debate and run against to give her publicity.  If this were any other year, the Dems would not allow him to run as a Democrat.  According to one study, Sanders is basically running on the same platform Bill Clinton did in 1992.  We’re paying for it, now, with massive inflation.

As for Hillary Clinton, do we really know what she’s doing?  She’s changing her position, constantly.  Too bad no one is mentioning that.  But, CNN is in the tank for her.  I suspect MSNBC is also supporting her.  As for the other channel, don’t expect anything near fair nor balanced.