Prosecutors, Bad Cops, and Congress


Screen Shot 2015-10-26 at 12.35.49 AMDid you know that just under 10% of the members of Congress, 51 members of the 114th Congress, were either prosecutors or have proprietorial experience. Something like 25 have been elected since 2010.  That is the reason prosecutors are out of control, and have a tendency to give abusive cops a break.  You can’t get elected to Congress if you are soft on crime.  It doesn’t matter what the party is.  The results are the same. If you aren’t tough on crime, you can’t get the big backers.  If you don’t have the big backers, you don’t get elected.  Young black males don’t come with big money backers.  If a cop happens to gun one down, say for jay-walking, no big deal.  If there is a riot, you get tough on those criminals.  You exonerate the cops, and voila!  You are tough on crime.  It doesn’t matter if they’re guilty as hell.  Those people don’t have a tendency to vote.  Their counterparts in other neighborhoods, you know, the ones with the gates, alarms, and security patrols cower behind the news reports and donate even more money to keep those people off the streets.

What the left doesn’t quite comprehend is that it really isn’t about racism.  It is about fear, ratings, votes, donations, and money.  If it looks good to take out a white, white-collar criminal, then so be it – if the ratings are high enough on the evening news.  If the evening news needs to play up white paranoia about being murdered by a poor young black male, then that’s fine.  It isn’t about racism.  It is about advertising money.

If a bad cop happens to ‘accidentally’ shoot a black kid who is holding a bb-gun, that’s okay.  The media will have a field day with it.  They would rather the kid die.  They would rather the trigger-happy cop be exonerated.  The boys in the hood are gonna’ protest.  With luck one of their reporters will be gassed, or maybe even shot.  Film at eleven, live.  The ratings will be through the roof.  With high ratings comes a much better advertising package, higher rates, and more profit.  Race has nothing to do with it.

If you’re a poor black kid who did nothing wrong, other than being at the wrong place at the wrong time, and the prosecutor needs a big win, you’re going directly to jail.  Do not pass go, and do not collect two hundred dollars.  You’re screwed.  It doesn’t matter how innocent you are.  If they want the win, you are going to jail.  Just hope and pray you don’t live in a state with the death penalty, or you’re gonna’ fry.  A poor black kid can’t afford an attorney, so one will be provided.  They are over-worked, piss-poor, exhausted, and hope they can attract attention in the DA’s office.  Then they get to become prosecutors and make the big-bucks on the campaign trail.  What’s even better, they can run as a Democrat, telling how they care about the plight of the poor, minority, and downtrodden, even if they don’t give a damn.

It’s not just a poor black kid who is going to be railroaded, but don’t look now, but prisons are full of well-off, middle class white men and women who are also innocent, but stupid enough to believe that cops and the DA are there to help them.  They don’t quite grasp the fact that they  need an attorney and need to keep their big fat mouths shut, period.  They’re innocent.  And, innocent people don’t get convicted, or sent to death row, right? Heck, not only but they get convicted and sent to death row, but when that over zealous prosecutor ends up under indictment for lying or withholding evidence, they are rarely exonerated.  The prosecutor quits, goes into private practice, makes a bundle, and runs for Congress. The poor innocent schmo they sent to prison to either fry or rot, remains in prison, to either fry or rot.  It takes a hell of a lot more evidence to get a person out of prison than to convict them.

The prosecutor gets elected to Congress or attorney general.  The only way they are taken out is if they mishandle campaign donations.  No one gives a damn about the poor jerk rotting away because of fraudulent evidence,proprietorial over-reach, or because they could not afford an attorney.  If they are in prison, they are guilty.  After all, most judges were prosecutors at one time or another.  It wouldn’t do for them to over-turn their colleague’s wins.  It might reflect badly on them.  Better to let the innocent rot or fry.

It really isn’t about race.  It is about looking good on camera, live, during gavel to gavel hearings when you are grilling a presidential candidate. Oh, heck it looks good.  It’s worth millions in campaign donations.  The dead black kid is just a statistic.  The constituents don’t want their cops charged with a crime, so they get to go back on the street and abuse another black kid.  Everyone wins. No one gives a damn about the family of that black kid.  After all, they aren’t important.  It’s about money, cold hard campaign cash.  If it turns out to be about race, that’s even better.  Racism also brings in the big bucks.

Everyone wins.  The liberals who are determined to prove the issue is about race rake in campaign cash.  Whites who are afraid of liberals and young black criminals shell out campaign cash to that prosecutor who is keeping them safe.  The cynical professional black victims of racism – you know – the ones who have an ivy league education, upper middle class background, and are heading into politics, write books, and lament how racist whites are, on television.  Professional white supremacists then point out how racist the young black male is, and how dangerous he is.

They make oodles of money.

People get all upset and buy the book written by the professional young, underprivileged black victim with an education far superior to their upper middle-class pseudo liberal, hand-wringing white guilt-plagued, sucker. Their equally poorly educated white counterpart, who can’t do more than a low-paying job gives the hard right radio show power-house ratings.  They buy their books, hear their speeches, and donate to their causes.

Everyone wins, but the family of that black kid who was gunned down in cold blood.  They are left to pick up the pieces of their shattered lives.  For awhile they are a cause celeb, and are led to think that the anti-racist industry who has grown up around them truly cares.  It doesn’t.  They don’t.  They are as cold-blooded and vicious as the white supremacist industry – they just aren’t racist, right?

It’s all about money, nothing more and nothing less – other than power.  If you want to have a little interesting exercise in futility, try Googling “black lady justice” for an image. Zilch, Nada, Zip, Zero.