Bad People Usually Win


Screen Shot 2015-09-03 at 10.37.00 PMInstead of going into a long story, I’m going to post what happened to me, Tuesday morning, on Facebook.

I am risking being kicked off this group, by writing this, but I have a problem. Hebert Ramos owns me $173 for a car he purchased from me on May 28. I have posted several times, on my FB page, that I need my money. He had a post here, about an hour or so ago. I replied, telling him I needed my money & that I would only respond via 3rd party on FB.

He sent me a text, which I deleted. I told him I would meet him at Josie’s or at the DMV to change to title of my car into his name. The last time I spoke to him on the phone, he was rude & intimidating. It is my word against his. I am well aware he will take everything I say and do & twist it to suit his purpose. I no longer know how to handle the situation.

All I want is my money. He will imply that I am trying to cheat him. All he needs to do is take the car to the DMV and meet me, and I will change the title. I can’t do that now, because when he took the car, he has the portfolio with ALL of my records. I have nothing.

For me, it is easier and much less upsetting to just do it that way. I tried going through my father’s papers and the safe, looking for the title, but I left the house in tears. But, my wishes mean nothing, unless they are twisted to turn me into a monster or intimidate me into allowing him go get away with no paying me.

I was stupid enough to sell the car to him for only $200, when it was worth much more. That was my fault. I was stupid and allowed him to take advantage of my stupid ignorance about cars.

All I want is my $173. I don’t think that’s too much to ask. Like I said, I am well aware I will no longer be allowed to post here, for writing this. I know that. He has all the rights, and I have none.

Heber Ramos is NOT to call me, text me, nor come near my home. I will ONLY communicate via FB and only meet with him where I have a 3rd party witness of my choice. I know that makes me a bad person. Quite frankly, I think he owes me interest and $25 a month late fee, but forget that. I’ll be lucky to see $17.30, let alone the $173.

Once again, I apologize for using this format. I have no other recourse. I wish I did. And, I’ve enjoyed being part of the group. I wish you well.

His response was predictable. He accused me of lying about my name.

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I wrote this on October 15.

I have been waiting since May 29 for Heber Ramos to pay me $173 for the car he ‘bought’ from me. I have no idea where the car is. I would like to have it back, but he told me it would cost $1500 to get it back.

I have tried, repeatedly, to get him to meet me at the DMV to take care of the title. I need to do this. If he would meet me there, with the car, we could take care of it. If he doesn’t, then I’m beginning to wonder what happened to my car, which was worth a heck of a lot more than $200, but I was stupid enough to believe what he told me.

If he doesn’t want to meet me at the DMV, then we an set up an appointment and he can met me at Josie’s to pay the rest of the money he owns me – IN CASH.

He would not pay me what he first owed because he implied I would cheat him on the title.

I don’t cheat people. I don’t lie. And I try my best not to hurt people. I’ve been praying that only good would come to him, but I have $40 to my name, and need to get some money to pay for cat food.

I’m just sick and tired of people cheating me. It gets old after awhile. The worst part, I was told I could have made more money by selling my wonderful car as junk. Yes, I’m that stupid.

The only contact I wish to have with him is via FB.

I will not take his calls, nor will I go to the door if he knocks.

I will only deal with him if I have a 3rd party witness.

I’m just tired of being treated badly. And, no, I truly don’t expect him to pay me. I don’t expect anyone to do the right thing, not any more. The only thing I expect out of most people are lies, and to be kicked in the dirt.

Frankly, I think he should pay me 15% interest, which $25.95. I also think he should pay late fees of $25.00/month which everyone else is charged for not paying someone on time. That would come to another $100. I know that’s going to happen when pigs fly.

I am doing this on FB because I want no confrontation nor contact with him in any way. When you’ve been burned by someone, there is no longer any form of trust. It’s going to be interesting to see how this is twisted – and it will be. I’ll be turned into the evil one. I can already see that coming, but you know, I’m tired of it. I want my money. It isn’t much, but right now, it will get me through the next couple of weeks.

The bottom line is don’t be stupid like I was.  I’ll never get my money.  I know that.  At least he admitted he sold the car and did not have the title.  The car is at his shop, according to someone who is snooping around for me.  I was also told he had quite a bit of action going on near the shop.