Do Not Move to New Mexico


Screen Shot 2015-09-13 at 4.36.15 AMAre there any honest people in the state of New Mexico, besides present company? Do people stay up nights trying to figure out how to lie, cheat & steal from those of us who are dumb enough and stupid enough to be honest? I’m so tired of people cheating me. When does it stop? Or, is that just the way of life here and people sit back and take it like drooling fools?

I’ve had it. This week the last straw. People are so dishonest and so willing to take advantage of others that they’ve lost their decency and humanity.  Before I go any farther, I have some wonderful friends here.  I am not mentioning them by name, other than they are Josie, Vicki, Carol, Maggie,Laurie, John and so forth and so on.

I wish I had never moved to this state. People are lying, chiseling, larcenous, malicious, scum who live to take advantage of others. No one cares. No one gives a damn. Is it a way of life here? `All that matters is scamming others, taking advantage of them, and making money off it. Nothing else matters.

Do people stay up nights trying to figure out how to take advantage of others or am I just lucky?

Then, you’re to smile and let them destroy you all over again, be stupid, be patronized, and let the over-lords pat you on the head as a good little person, while they laugh all the way to the bank.

What is wrong with people? What am I to do, take their crumbs, say thank you, and crawl out of this freaking state with nothing to show for anything?

Then you get these swaggering, patriarchal jerks out of Texas who think because you are a woman they can walk all over you, and take advantage of you. Yes, I know there are people in this community who are trying to wait until we’re completely broke so they can buy the canyon property for less than my father paid for it. That says a lot about the goodness of this place, doesn’t it.

And I don’t want any of that, oh you’re making it up, sort of comment, because I know for a fact it is happening. I’ve been told it is by several people.

Do people here do this to everyone, or are we just special? I wish I’d never heard of this place. What has been done to me, and to my family is wrong. It’s evil. And – no one gives a rip. It’s okay. Just say my father had Alzheimer’s and was making it up. I found what was left of the blasted records. Someone in this town embezzled almost everything my parents had in cash. We’re past the statute of limitations. He gave his records to the very monsters who were stealing his money. I was there. I saw it. When I went back to get the records and confront them, they had been destroyed. Even my records had been changed.

No one cares.

We are living on nothing because someone in this damn town basically stole everything my parents had. Now, they want to buy the canyon for almost nothing.

They took almost everything…. don’t you understand? They took almost everything and no one cares. People in this town took advantage of my father. No one cares. It’s okay, no one here is to complain, or say anything is wrong here. I hate this place. There is no kindness, compassion, or basic human decency …. unless you are someone who is important.

No, I’m not important. I’m just a short, fat, hideous freak who dared think that people were kind and good. I’ve given up my future to take care of my parents. I haven’t left this shitty town in over a year. I can’t afford the gas. I can’t even afford the gas I need to drive down to the house to get ready to have another garage sale, where people will rejoice while cheating me – again. I’ve given up almost everything.

I won’t make that mistake, ever again. I’m to go about my life, thanking the hands that stole from us, and be joyful. Yes, I’m angry and I’m bitter. For the past five years my life has been a living hell. It has been a nightmare. I’ve had to give up almost everything, to take care of my parents. Oh, that’s the thing do. My sister has sacrificed so much for them.

They even stole a $100,000 from me. The paper work was destroyed by the broker. My identification was altered on what remained of the records. I had to prove who I was, when I demanded to see records that no longer existed. What did the new broker tell me? Oh, my parents were senile. There never were any accounts, and I should put them in a nursing home, hope they broke a hip and died as quickly as possible, then sell what they had.

People here have taken everything. And now – we’re to be cheated out of the rest of it, by someone who is so much, and wants something for nothing.

Do you know what it is like to be constantly humiliated the way I have been for the past five years? No, I don’t go out and I keep away from people because I’m tired of being embarrassed.

Oh, wait, I’m not to complain. Sorry, my bad? With the exception of a handful of people, I have learned that people in NM  are mean, cruel, vicious, uncaring, and the most selfish people I’ve had the misfortune to know in my life.

No one gives a damn that I am alone. I have been alone since December 12. With the exception of the above, not one single person has bothered to even see if I am still alive. No one person with the exception of the above has even had the kindness to ask if I’ve dropped dead, lately.

My mother and I were alone last Thanksgiving. No one gave a damn. We were alone on my birthday last year, with the exception of ___, no one gave a damn. I was completely alone at Christmas. Only ____ cared. No one lifted a finger, or even gave me a call to tell me to drop dead.

I am broke. I have $28 in cash and $35 on a credit card. I have friends other place who have been kind, but here in Lincoln County, not one person can even bother reciprocating all the times my parents took them out for lunch or dinner or invited them to a party. For all they care I can sit here and rot, which I am doing.

With the exception of two friends, I’ve not been out with anyone for a meal, other than meeting another friend 1 time at lunch. That was last December. I haven’t had a steak since then. I haven’t had a piece of beef. I am living on about $1000 a month, and paying bills for both homes, with my sister helping with our mother’s expenses.

I have not left this damn town since August of 2014. I have not gone into a real store. I’ve not gone out at night for dinner. Evidently in this piece of shit town no one gives a shit about me enough to even ask me to meet them for dinner. All those people my family took out – before someone in this town STOLE ALL THEIR MONEY. Now, thought, no one cares.

I have up 5 years of my life, and every cent I had to take care of my parents. No one gives a damn. I want to get out of here, into a world where people are kind and decent so badly I can’t stand it.

Do you know what it like to be completely alone? I now do. I am facing the holidays with being left to fell like I am nothing but pond scum. No one in this piece of shit town has invited me anywhere, with the exception of Josie.

Do you know what it is like to be so alone you don’t leave your home for a week at a time, because you can’t afford the gas and no one gives a rip? That is my life.

I wonder how many other people feel this way here? I suspect I’m not the only one. It is a cruel, mean, vicious town. If you can’t spend money on people, and be there to make them look good, forget it.

I am so tired of being lied to, and treated like dirt, and dealing with people who want to do nothing but cheat you and take advantage of you, I can’t take much more. I feel like I’m dealing with bottom feeders waiting for me to crack and sell them the canyon property for nothing, because they’re such good people they can take advantage of a person who is down.

But, that’s the way things are here. Right now a psychopath is trying to do to me what he has done to others.  I crossed him.  I have no doubt he will destroy me the way he he  has done other people here in town.  No one will stand up to him.  No one gives a damn what he does to me.  I’m terrified of him, and what he will do to my reputation.  He has all of my identification and refuses to return it. I am totally and completely screwed.

I have friends elsewhere, just not here. Here, thou shalt not rock the boat, no matter how badly you are destroyed.  It works better that way.  There are times when I wonder if I will even get out of this blasted county, alive.   Right now, that’s just about how I feel.  I’ve given up on a positive resolution.  I’m stuck here, dying a little bit, every day.

I have wonderful friends elsewhere, people who have gone the extra mile to be kind.  They just don’t live here.  On Thursday evening I talked to one of my father’s former business associates.  He confirmed that my father paid more for the canyon property than what was being offered. He basically confirmed what I’ve thought all along.  People here in New Mexico are incredibly dishonest, and will destroy you to get ahead, if they have the opportunity.