How Facebook Enables Evil


Screen Shot 2015-10-18 at 7.50.40 PMI don’t like Facebook.  I consider it an unnecessary evil.  I use it primarily to keep in touch with friends and family, while suffering through the endless barge of repeated tripe, dying kids, abused animals, and pithy, but useless sayings.  It can be a good tool.  It can also be used to harm, destroy, and stalk.  Unlike Twitter, which will make an effort to remove harmful bullies and block threats, Facebook doesn’t give a damn.  It doesn’t matter if lives are ruined.  All that matters are the numbers.  If the situation continues, it will soon become tool for pure evil, not good.

It’s getting there already.  This past week, I’ve been lied about and harassed by a psychopath who is using it to attempt to destroy me.  Far from being this charming person who bops around town, discussing his seriously ill child, he cons, manipulates, and destroys.  Fortunately, he was on a moderated page, and was, I have been told, banned from the page.

On Twitter, you can block a person from even looking at what you are doing.  It is a feature I take advantage of, quite frequently.  You have no such recourse on Facebook.  When someone who is trying to destroy a wonderful elderly couple attacks, stalks, lies, and constantly harasses them, Facebook doesn’t give a damn, no matter how many times you complain.

We have a problem with the Wyatt Earp Birthplace Museum.  It is a rogue FB page created by someone who is currently in serious trouble with the law.  For more information, check out the Pink Flamingo article, or the site we’re putting together for the Wyatt Earp Birthplace, Inc.   It is becoming a nightmare, with FB refusing to do anything about it.

What happens with someone using FB continues to harass, bully, and stalk?  Evidently, I gather nothing.  Facebook is so large, they don’t give a damn. I think it’s about time for people to start filing lawsuits against FB for damage done in their lives.  Money talks, and that appears to be all anyone in this country care about, these days.