Dealing with Racist Thoughts


Screen Shot 2015-09-03 at 10.36.34 PMI have a tendency to listen to Dr. Drew on HLN in the evenings simply because I’m too lazy to walk down a flight of stairs and turn the channel.  The other evening, they were, as usual, trashing Donald Trump, and denying that any person of color would dare support him.  Then they segued to a spot about a black teen who did something nice for a white woman who reported him to the cops because she was afraid of him.

Long story short, the discussion rolled around to the fact that we white people need to recognize the fact that we have racist thoughts, even if we don’t act on them – and we need to work to purge those thoughts from our heads, basically brainwashing ourselves because we are inherently racist because we are white.  I don’t know about you, but I’m sick and tired of this abjectly bigoted and racist sh*t spewed on we racist and bigoted white people, not because we are bigoted and racist, but because we are white and therefore we are inherently racist, while people who are black don’t have a racist or bigoted thought in their minds.

People are people. When people of one race want to now cleanse the thoughts of those of a different race because we are racist simply because we are part of that race, they are the ones who have morphed into total and complete racists and bigots.  The problem is, because we don’t want to be considered racist or bigoted we let them get away with it.

Let’s put it this way, why the hell did the stupid kid run when he saw the cops, if he was innocent?  Okay, maybe I’m racist because I’m even asking the question, but NORMAL, logical people don’t run when they see the cops, if they are innocent.  Sure, they need to be utterly terrified because bad cops do as much harm to innocent white people as they do to blacks, but that’s okay, only black lives matter.  There are a heck of a lot of good cops out there.  They are just doing their job. When someone runs from them, logic and reason says they are running for a reason beyond giving cops their weekly exercise. Logic and reason says they are up to no good. A cop’s job is to protect society.

Oh, but the simply fact of chasing the black kid, who was running away, is racist. The person who is white, who called the cops is racist because she called the cops on someone who made her think they were up to no good.  Heck, I’ve called the cops on several black women I’ve seen abusing their  children, in public, then followed them to their homes, so that the cops could get CPS to take care of the kids.  I guess that is racist.  When I did it the same thing to  a white woman, that was okay, because we’re both right.

Sorry, but our society does not and should not have two sets of rules and laws, one for white and one for black.  That’s what the Civil Right’s movement was all about.  Unfortunately, today, I think there are far more people who are white who are not as racist as there are young people who are black, who are. Their hatred is showing.  Oh, wait, I’m racist for saying that.

My bad?