Compassion(less) or Exhausted?


Screen Shot 2015-10-18 at 7.50.40 PMI’ve just about reached the point where if I see an ad for one more abused animal I am going to do something drastic.  I turn the channel.  I’ve warned people on FB that I block all posts about abused animals or dying kids who need a picture circulated from here to Pluto and back. I can’t deal with it.  I can’t handle another interview about a dying kid who wants to be dressed up like Superman or is it Spiderman and feted by city officials.  Sorry, the cynic in me is sick and tired of adorable photo-ops.

That goes for Purple People’s Lives Matter, bias, racists, bigots, and bad cops.  Life sucks. After watching the mother of yet another kid who was slaughtered on his way to school, or was it home from school, in Chicago, I’m beginning to think the whole Black Lives Matter scam is nothing but that, a scam.  It’s great for selling books about how hard the poor, oppressed upper middle class kid had it on his/her way to an Ivy League school.  But, there’s one born every minute, and this year, I’ve paid at the office. If they gave a damn about Black Lives Mattering, why aren’t they in Chicago doing something about the kids being slaughtered by gang violence? Don’t those lives matter? Or do only Black Lives Taken by White Cops Matter?  I know what my answer is, and it isn’t very nice.

Guess what, I have my own problems to deal with.  Right now, I wish someone had a little compassion for the fact that I’m being scammed by a psychopath and everyone is so afraid of him, I must go begging for money to get me through, when I shouldn’t need to do so.

Oh, but having compassion for the photo of the poor cat who is going to be murdered in NYC is easier than actually doing something to help someone who might actually need a good deed.  NYC would not have such a problem with adopting out deserving pets if they did not put people through an inquisition, just to adopt.  My niece went through the process.  They felt she could not adequately care for a cat.  She spent fifty bucks buying a kitten, she has quite adequately cared for, both in NYC and now Memphis, for nearly eight years.

Don’t shove some show about pit bulls at me.  Sorry, I have no interest in seeing hardened trashy women, covered with tattoos rescuing dogs who should probably be euthanized.  Oh, wait, that makes me evil for saying something.  Like I said, right now, I’m sorely lacking in compassion. It’s been wrung out of me.  Right now I’m cold.  I’m so cold my skin is burning.  I can’t turn on my heat because it has taken me 5 months to pay for my 2014-15 winter bill, which is now 40% higher since Susana Martinez became governor.  Let’s face it, the reason the bill is now so much higher is because of the Obama Administration’s need to protect the environment, and break the rest of us.

I saw some person waxing poetic about the heart-break of the single mom, being the target of racism because she could not afford health insurance.  Wait a minute?  I thought we had the ACA?  Thanks to the Obama Administration (and I voted for him – that won’t happen again) I no longer have health insurance because I can’t afford it.  Don’t expect compassion from me.  I have none.

We live in a world where our lives are being degraded by the minute.  I suspect the overt show of compassion for fake pets, fake dying kids, and anything plastic is to let people see how compassionate a person is, while not lifting a finger.  It just fits our fake world, today – just keep the photos out of my inbox.