Running on Empty


Screen Shot 2015-10-18 at 7.50.40 PMI am tired, upset, and broke, a not unusual situation for me, these days.  One of my problems, is that, thanks to what happened to me as a child, I can’t stand being cold.  I can’t afford to use much heat this winter, having just completed paying for my $900 January power bill.  It is now 40% higher, thanks to the corruption of the Martinez Administration. Now, I stay cold.  I had a melt-down on Wednesday, thanks, primarily, to the fact that I’m still upset over the fact that I need that $172 I’ve been cheated out of by a psychopath.

What upsets me more is the fact that no one cares to stop the man.  Like a true psychopath, he leaves a path of shattered lives in his wake.  That’s the way they operate.  I’m watching another similar story unfold in Monmouth, Illinois, where a ‘charming’ psychopath is once again, conning the media and making life a living hell for some very nice people who don’t deserve what he is doing to them.

On Tuesday, I was talking to my realtor.  He was telling me people have become so dishonest, they are refusing to pay a decent or honorable price for property if that region is ‘distressed’. The reason this part if the country is ‘distressed’ is because people are so dishonest when it comes to buying property. It is indicative of how mean, nasty, and greedy people have become.

I am beginning to think we have become a nation which has lost its moral compass.  What is rather ironic is the fact that our society is degrading as it jettisons any form of Judeo-Christian morality and holds in contempt the values of Western Civilization.  I truly wish I were wrong, but I don’t like what I see.  I also don’t like this so-called brave new world where free speech is considered hurtful, and pathetic little minds must be coddled so that they don’t get their feelings hurt.

It has also dawned on me that you can’t blame this mess on the GOP.

That alone is rather fascinating.