The Progressive Dislike of Blue Collar Jobs


Screen Shot 2015-11-11 at 2.35.18 AMDuring Tuesday night’s debate, Marco Rubio said that welders make more money than philosophers.  Liberals erupted.   If you read and listen to liberal comments, It is better to be an unemployable elitist than a well-paid person in the trades. Isn’t that a little bigoted and biased.  Twitter exploded, discussing the ignorance of the Republican voter.  Rubio was appealing to the ignorant, uneducated welder, instead of the well-educated philosopher-king.

The most educated person I ever met was a man who was born, raised, and lived on a small rural farm in South Carolina. He never finished the second grade. His love of and knowledge of literature and poetry was so great, professors from Clemson would stop by to visit with him. He could recite Kipling, Keats, and have esorteric discussions about Throeau. He could recite the St. Crispin’s Day speech. He was rarely without a book. He was also a master carpenter, tall, lanky, and wore overalls. His name was Elbert Adams. I think liberals have been very insulting to men and women who work in the trades.

“…The median annual salary for a Assoc. Professor – Philosophy is $66,568 with a range usually between $56,910-$97,643…”  The problem, though, is that most professors of philosophy, or associate professors have a very difficult time making ends meet.  Many barely make $24,000 a year.  When you realize that the average Ph.D. is going to be dealing with at least a hundred thousand bucks, the person who is teaching philosophy is not going to set the world on fire, financially.

A good welder will start around $24,000 a year, and can make up to $70,000 depending.  There are welders who can make $130,000 a year.  That’s more than a philosophy Ph.D. The costs for a welding program at a community college range from $5000 to $15,000.  Someone who is repairing air-conditioning make around $20/hour.  The mean annual salary is about $40K.  I know one guy in construction who makes $40/hour.  That’s $320 for an 8 hour work day or $1,600 a week, $6,400 a month, and $76,800 a year.  Very few professors now make near that much.  Most adjunct professors are on SNAP.

  • Wind Turbine expert – $67,000
  • Plumber – $52,000
  • Air Conditioning – $51,000  In Fairbanks, Alaska they make $70,000
  • Elevator Mechanic – $50,000
  • Maintenance Supervisor – $49,000
  • Building Inspector – $48,000
  • Construction Supervisor – $46,000
  • Bricklayer – $46,200
  • Refrigeration Mechanic – $45,600
  • Biomedical Equipment Tech – $45,500

The average adjunct faculty instructor makes around $25,800 a year, plus a fortune in debt.  The base pay average for a full professor is the same as an air conditioning repair person in Fairbanks, Alaska, with well over a hundred thousand dollars in debt.

Someone who knows how to do basic sewing and mending makes $25.00 an hour.   Many philosophy students use it as a stepping-stone to a law degree.

“…Leslie Thompson earns $40,000 a year working two jobs, but her Albuquerque, N.M., house almost went into foreclosure twice this year….There’s not much reason to pay new lawyers well, given how many of them are struggling to find work. According to the law placement association, 13% of 2013’s law school grads were still searching for jobs nine months after graduation. Many who were employed had taken jobs that didn’t even require a law degree, working in human resources, for instance, or at a non-profit.

To make matters worse, the student debt that law school grads are carrying is climbing. Half carried more than $141,000 in student debt in 2012, according to a study from the New America Foundation. That’s up more than $50,000 from a decade ago, and climbing faster than the debt loads tied other professions….”

But, it is better to be a professional.  Lawyers have a much more glamorous career, than the person who flushes out and repairs your plumbing.  The thing is, the guy who is flushing your plumbing is probably making as much or even more than the poorly performing attorney.  Plus, the stupid, ignorant wretch has very little college debt.

This is the perfect snapshot of what is increasingly wrong with progressives.  They have become so elitist that they no longer even understand the little people.  This so ironic, considering how they make fun of the GOP.  Rubio is right.  We need more vocational schools.  We need more people learning the trades.  If you listen to progressives, someone in the trades is ignorant and poorly educated.  Considering the actions of the elitist little darlings of Yale and the people at the University of Missouri, I’d rather cast my lot with a bunch of welders, plumbers, and – you will never hear me ever say anything less than praise about the person who repairs my air-conditioning.

But, these people aren’t good enough for the progressive elite.  They need safe spaces, politically correct Halloween costumes, trigger warnings, and limits on free speech.  Forget the possibility of the even considering the possibility of defending their country and going off to war. But, they will show contempt for those who do.

God bless the men and women who know how to repair my toilet, fix my light switch and repair my air-conditioning.  Thank heavens for the people who repair my car, change the oil, and the tires.  They get dirty, and they get smelly, but they contribute far more to society than the little elite Yale co-ed who has her panties in such a wad she must spit on her professor to prove a point.  The young co-ed wants to be a world traveler.  How are planes manufactured?